Martin Garrix, Vivianne Miedema and Kwebbelkop play games for War Child

GameForce springs into action for War Child. The largest game fair in the Benelux is organizing a unique Mario Kart tournament: the Power Up Cup. For a month, the very best streamers show what they have to raise money for children at war. War Child ambassadors and friends Martin Garrix, Vivianne Miedema, Britt Scholte, Quinty Misiedjan and Chef’Special are also racing along. Who will finish first in the final at the GameForce fair on October 9 in Utrecht?

Power Ups

You probably remember him: Super Mario. With his big black mustache and blue dungarees, the video game character is still loved and feared on the virtual circuit. Millions of Nintendo gamers worldwide race against the clock – and each other every day. Where Mario and his friends score Power Ups in the game, War Child helps children in war with sports and games to give themselves a Power Up, so that they can build their future. In this way War Child puts war out of the game. “We want every enthusiastic gamer to enjoy our wonderful event. But unfortunately, carefree gaming is not for everyone. Children at war have very different concerns,” says Gary Peeters – Creative Director META.

“With this campaign for War Child we want – in collaboration with our partners –

gamers, streamers and fans ensure that children who grow up with the consequences of war through play can be children again for a while. That they can express their emotions, learn to play together, gain self-confidence and build a future in freedom.”

Make a difference

One of the best DJ/producers in the world, Martin Garrix, is one of the people who will be gaming for War Child. “What War Child is committed to is so important, and I am very proud that we have been working together for so long. I hope that we can all raise a nice amount with this tournament!”. The popular streamer Kwebbelkop also wants to contribute. “Every child deserves the freedom to play as they grow up. I am happy to work for that and hope that we can make a difference.”

A race to the finish

In the promotional period from September 5 to October 3, the streamers will compete in the game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Every day a well-known streamer plays the game and broadcasts it live via streaming site Twitch. Viewers can also participate in the races and during their streams the gamers call on gamers to donate to War Child in an original way.

The four gamers with the most donations advance to the final, where four more

other participants also race along. What’s at stake? Eternal

fame and the coveted Power Up Cup. And of course the best prize of all: helping children in war. Together with GameForce, War Child hopes to be able to reach 1000 extra children in conflict areas.

Everything at stake

For children at war, play is much more than a game. By being able to play freely, children can give war experiences a place. With the right help, sports and play activities, they regain confidence in themselves, others and their future. And that is sorely needed, because at the moment more than 200 million children are growing up in war. Bombings, dangerous escape routes or growing up in refugee camps

is not a game for them, but the harsh reality.

War Child offers children in war psychosocial support, protection and education.

With our programs we playfully connect with the world of children. With educational game tablets, game activities in asylum seekers’ centers and role-playing games. Singing, dancing and with sports and games we stimulate their resilience, so that children can put war out of the game – and make their dreams come true.

It is the first time that artists are committed to

a charity. Watch Martin Garrix use his bananas to overtake his opponents on the racetrack? Viewing pleasure guaranteed! In addition do

among others the following streamers: JoostSpeeltSpellen, Jordi Warners, Onnedi, Ronald and Fems. See you at the race track!

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