Fabian Esser (33) died at the hands of serial scammers

33-year-old Fabian Esser from Germany was killed in an accident under special circumstances on Thursday, June 23, 2022. He ended up under the car of two men who had just ripped him off. Presumably the same duo struck five times before in Limburg.

The police are doing everything they can to get the two and their possible accomplices off the street. It appears that this requires cooperation with the police abroad, but your help can also be of crucial importance.

International operation

Probably always the same two men have a number of scams on their conscience. They deal in real estate and luxury goods, which means that the amounts involved are very large.
The suspects pose as businessmen from a Luxembourg investment company. The German victims are lured to the south of Limburg. The police know from an investigation that the suspects fled to Belgium after a number of incidents.



Fabian Esser


Swap a ton

So it happened that Fabian Esser was approached by the scammers about a house he put up for sale for almost a million euros. They were supposedly interested in purchasing and would make a cash deposit, but had a request: if Fabian could exchange an amount of 100,000.
The men had such an amount in 200-euro notes, they said, but wanted it in smaller denominations instead. Fabian and his uncle, who is also a business partner, brought this to the meeting in Kerkrade.

Dragged by car

That encounter proved fatal to Fabian. At one point, the perpetrators suddenly snatched the money from his trolley and tore off in their car. In his attempt to get his money back, Fabian was dragged a bit and ended up under the car. The 33-year-old German died on the spot, while the crooks escaped.

Other incidents

It is very important that the police find out the true identity and/or whereabouts of the scammers. Every detail you may know about (one of) them can be of great importance. The men often drive expensive cars with fake license plates, but a number of the incidents also seem to involve a black and gray Smart.
Probably the same two struck five more times in South Limburg in March to June 2022. In doing so, they made a total of about half a million euros, each time from German victims.
The scammers have been captured on video in a number of cases. If you have an idea who they might be and/or where they might be staying, please report it immediately.

Share your information

A reward of 15,000 euros has been offered for the tip that leads to the solution of the crime in Kerkrade.

  • Who knows or suspects the true identity of (one of) the men on the camera images?
  • Who has information about (the whereabouts of) the scammers and/or possibly about the Smart or another car that they have had at their disposal?

Police Investigation Tipline (toll free): 0800 – 6070

Report Crime Anonymously (free): 0800 – 7000

National Intelligence Team (local rate): 088 – 661 77 34

Tipping from abroad (local rate): +3179 – 3459800


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