Police arrest suspect in killing Mega-Sena winner – 09/17/2022

Police arrest suspect in killing Mega-Sena winner – 09/17/2022
Police arrest suspect in killing Mega-Sena winner – 09/17/2022

One of the suspects in the murder of Jonas Lucas Alves Dias, Mega-Sena winner killed last Wednesday (14), was arrested by the Civil Police.

The announcement was made by the governor of São Paulo, Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB), on his Twitter account this Saturday (17). In the post, he states that the investigations led to a conclusion about the crime.

The victim, from Hortolândia, in the interior of São Paulo, was killed two years after winning the lottery.

“The Civil Police clarified the murder of the Mega-Sena winner, which took place in Hortolândia, on 09/14. One of the criminals is already behind bars. More details coming soon”, said Garcia this afternoon, without giving the name of the perpetrators of the crime. Police are expected to release more information later this Saturday.

A day after he disappeared, Jonas Lucas Alves Dias, 55, was found with signs of beating on Wednesday morning (14) on the Bandeirantes highway (SP-348), at Jardim São Pedro, in Hortolândia. , 115 km from the capital of São Paulo.

Taken to a hospital, he couldn’t resist and died.

Alves Dias was the winner of the R$ 47.1 million Mega-Sena prize on September 5, 2020. On that occasion, another bet also took the same amount.

According to the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP-SP), the case was registered as extortion followed by death and is being investigated by the Hortolândia police station, with the support of Deic de Piracicaba.

“Is it over there [a vítima] She was taken to a local hospital where she succumbed to her injuries and died. Her 65-year-old brother provided clarification and reported that the man had been missing for a day. The victim had approximately R$ 20 thousand withdrawn from his bank account through bank transfers and via Pix. Her debit card was also taken by the suspects,” the SSP-SP reported.

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