Drivers can join the positive registration from today

From today (22), drivers can join the Positive National Register of Drivers (RNPC). Also known as the Positive Driver Registry, it aims to reward the good conduct of drivers who have not committed a traffic violation in the last 12 months.Drivers-can-join-the-positive-registrati

The register was developed by the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro) for the Ministry of Infrastructure and its launch is part of the actions of the National Traffic Week, promoted by the ministry.

It allows private companies and public bodies to offer benefits and advantages to drivers. Among them, for example, are reductions in public and private service rates, differentiated conditions for vehicle rental and insurance, discounts on tolls and parking and the offer of cashback.

The advantages can be granted from October 13, when the registration will be activated.

how to join

Participation in the registration is voluntary, with the authorization of the driver. It can be registered through the Digital Transit Wallet (CDT) application or on the Services Portal of the National Traffic Department (Senatran). By registering, the participant gives consent for their registration to be viewed as eligible to receive the benefits.

Companies that want to work with the RNPC must communicate their interest to Senatran and present the benefits that will be offered through an online form. To give visibility to the initiative’s partners, the National Traffic Department created the Parceiro do Bom Condutor seal, which can be used in promotional actions, portals, social networks and applications.

The Positive Driver Registry was established by Law 14.071/2020, which amended several provisions of the Brazilian Traffic Code, such as extending the validity period of driver’s licenses. The initiative was regulated in July this year by the National Traffic Council (Contran).

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