Most expensive rooms in Porto: price increased by 74 euros compared to 2021

Most expensive rooms in Porto: price increased by 74 euros compared to 2021
Most expensive rooms in Porto: price increased by 74 euros compared to 2021

Finding a home these days is the challenge for thousands of college students, as there are fewer rooms and prices are higher. This week classes have already started but in the big cities there are still students who have nowhere to live.

The Student Association of the Faculty of Sciences of Porto created an online platform to support students, where it brings together offers for renting houses and rooms. Andreia Fonseca, president of this association, guarantees that there are many students looking for accommodation and reveals that she receives several requests for help in this regard daily.

However, even this help does not seem to be enough to meet the needs of thousands of students looking for housing. The offer is limited and the few that exist, exceeds the budget of the vast majority. According to reports from many students, when offers are more affordable, conditions are not always the best.

It was precisely in the city of Porto that the average prices for a room increased the most. Compared to 2021, the value increased by 74 euros, from 250 euros to 324.

In Lisbon, similarly to what happens in the unbeaten city, prices have also increased. At the moment renting a room in the capital costs students an average of 381 euros, 57 euros more than in the last year.

Nowadays, there is a reduction in the number of rooms available for university students compared to last year. Many of the houses that were previously rented to students have now been converted into local accommodation.

Government has already announced reinforcement of the National Plan for Housing

Faced with these difficulties experienced by university students, the Government has already announced a reinforcement of the National Plan for Housing, and the target is 2026. A distant date that does not solve, for now, the existing problems.

There is a risk that many students will be left without accommodation, since allied to this situation, the university residences have only 15,000 beds for a total of more than 100,000 displaced students.

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