CAIXA PIS WORKER is paid TODAY, 09/22; see if you receive and see PIS 2021 CALENDAR and CONSULT YOUR PIS HERE

the calendar of PIS WAGE ALLOWANCE continues to be respected this Wednesday, September 22.

Many people want to know if they will be entitled to the WAGE ALLOWANCE PIS 2021.

Ask your questions below. Netizens ask if the WORKER PIS BOX will be paid today.

PIS 2021 Salary Allowance is paid TODAY, 09/22; see if you receive and see PIS 2021 CALENDAR and CONSULT YOUR PIS HERE

In this matteryou check:

  • pis
  • Pis 2021
  • Pis 2019
  • Who can receive PIS 2021
  • PIS calendar
  • Check your PIS here

Retroactive Emergency Aid continues to be paid; see who can receive – Brazil Agency

PIS 2021; PIS 2019

the payment of PIS 2021 corresponds to PIS 2019. That is, PIS 2021 is the PIS base year 2019 – the PIS of those who worked in the year 2019.

Late Pis/Pasep wins new withdrawal date; check out

Who can receive PIS 2021? I worked in 2019, will I get paid?

As mentioned earlier, the PIS 2021 will be paid to those who worked in 2019.

Furthermore, to be entitled to late PISthe following requirements must be met:

  • Be registered with PIS/PASEP for at least five years;
  • Have received an average monthly salary of up to two minimum wages during the base year;
  • Have exercised remunerated activity for a Legal Entity, for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the base year considered for calculation;
  • Have your data correctly informed by the employer (Legal Entity) in the Annual Report of Social Information (RAIS)/eSocial.


Consult the Salary Allowance payment calendar and check the date of receipt as it varies according to the month of your birthday.

Payment of the Salary Allowance can be made:

  • by crediting a CAIXA account, when the worker has a checking or savings account or a Digital Account;
  • by credit by CAIXA Has, in a digital social savings account, automatically opened by CAIXA;
    at ATMs, Lottery Houses and CAIXA Aqui Correspondents using the Social Card and password;
  • at a CAIXA branch, presenting an official identification document.

At the CAIXA portalyou check which benefits you are entitled to receive.


Check out the PIS 2022 table:

  • 1 month worked – R$ 101;
  • 2 months worked – R$ 202;
  • 3 months worked – R$ 303;
  • 4 months worked – R$ 404;
  • 5 months worked – R$ 505;
  • 6 months worked – R$ 606;
  • 7 months worked – R$ 707;
  • 8 months worked – R$ 808;
  • 9 months worked – R$ 909;
  • 10 months worked – R$ 1,010;
  • 11 months worked – R$ 1,111;
  • 12 months worked – R$ 1,212.


O PIS calendar defines the payment dates of the allowance based on the beneficiary’s registration number, the NIS.

Although it has already been closed, the payment of PIS 2022 can still be withdrawn by those who have not withdrawn the amounts.

Check the date of the Truck Driver Assistance in the month of September. – PHOTO: Reproduction.

Brazil Agency

Retroactive Emergency Aid continues to be paid; see who can receive – PHOTO: Agência Brasil

Marcello Casal Jr/Agência Brasil

Receivables Have you already released a new query? See if you will receive any money forgotten by the Central Bank – PHOTO: Marcello Casal Jr/Agência Brasil

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