Procon-JP registers a drop of R$ 0.30 in the lowest price of gasoline in a week; alcohol reduces BRL 0.20

Procon-JP registers a drop of R$ 0.30 in the lowest price of gasoline in a week; alcohol reduces BRL 0.20
Procon-JP registers a drop of R$ 0.30 in the lowest price of gasoline in a week; alcohol reduces BRL 0.20

Comparative research carried out by the Municipal Department of Consumer Protection and Defense on September 21 records that the lowest price of regular gasoline in the Capital fell by R$0.30 compared to last week’s survey and is being practiced at R$4,590 (Cow Boy – Valentina). The highest price shows a drop of R$ 0.19, and is being sold at R$ 4,990 (at 15 stations) for cash payment. Check the search here.

Procon-JP found the lowest price of alcohol at R$ 3.270, a reduction of R$ 0.20 in relation to the previous survey and accumulated a drop of R$ 0.60 in 15 days.

The survey, which was carried out at 108 gas stations in the capital, also shows that for payment by card, ordinary gasoline prices range from R$4,590 to R$5,440. The product reduced its price at 98 stations and remained at five compared to last week, with an average of R$ 4.902, a variation of 8.7% and a difference of R$ 0.40.

The price of gasoline with additives is oscillating between R$ 4,790 (Extra Petróleo – Mangabeira) and R$ 5,690 (Araújo – Cristo), with a variation of 18.8%, a difference of R$ 0.90 and an average of R$ 5,100.

Alcohol – Alcohol was another fuel that showed a further reduction, R$ 0.20, compared to the last day 14, with the lowest price falling from R$ 3,470 to R$ 3,270 (Master Gás – Tambauzinho), with the highest price leaving R$ R$ 4,990 to R$ 4,950 (Posto Z – Jardim Cidade Universitária), with an average of R$ 3,553, a difference of R$ 1.68 and a variation of 51.4%. Five posts maintained the same value as last week and 98 reduced compared to the survey on the 14th.

diesel – The S10 diesel shows a further reduction in the lowest price, going from R$ 6,550 to R$ 6,460 (practiced in five stations), with the biggest falling from R$7,290 to R$6,990 (in four stations), with an average of R$6.692, a variation of 8.2% and a difference of R$0.53. In relation to the last survey, 48 reduced and 50 maintained the price.

Procon-JP also registers a decrease in the lowest price of common diesel, which went from R$ 6,440 to R$ 6,390 (in six stations), with the highest price remaining at R$ 6,990 (Ayrton Senna – Ipês) compared to the previous survey , with an average of R$ 6,534.

CNG – The lowest price of Natural Gas Vehicles (CNG) has been maintained at R$ 4,950 (Maxi – Oitizeiro), with the highest registering a slight increase, going from R$ 5,370 to R$ 5,390 (Banking – Banking), with a difference of R$ 0.44, variation of 8.9% and average of R$ 5.018. Of the 12 resellers visited by the Procon-JP survey, none reduced the price of the product, one increased and 11 maintained it compared to last week.

Check out the complete survey by accessing the websites of João Pessoa City Hall and Procon-JP –

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