Professionals pump on networks with specialized content

Professionals pump on networks with specialized content
Professionals pump on networks with specialized content

What is the image that comes to your mind when you think of a digital influencer? You can probably imagine some famous blogger with thousands of followers who receive a lot of money to promote products and services on the networks. This stereotype really exists, but professionals like doctors, psychologists and lawyers have also found in Internet a way to increase credibility, win new customers and diversify sources of income.

Beyond reach, venturing into the world of social media can open doors to new opportunities. You infoproducts, such as courses and e-books, for example, are recurrently used by these professionals as they are a simple and inexpensive way to generate income from specialized knowledge.

“There are hundreds of possibilities for creation, just find what you can teach, replicate the method and develop this product”, says Fátima Pissarra, director of Mind8. She states, however, that content production is not synonymous with dancing on social networks, it is work, it demands discipline and seriousness.

According to Fátima, to generate engagement in the network, the first step is to structure this objective as part of the business strategy. It is important to analyze space, competition and seek to understand if there is demand. “The internet is nobody’s land, you don’t put anything and hope it works out. You have to find the best way to make it easier to be effective”, he explains.

Today, Brazil is the second country with the highest number of influencers in the world, behind only the United States, according to Nielsen data. In total, there are 13 million people with more than 1 thousand followers. The most active, with more than 10,000 followers, total around 500,000 people.

The opening of this market, which still has no regulation, came with digital marketing and the population’s greater access to the internet and social networks. With thousands of followers, these professionals have the power to simultaneously influence consumption, health and lifestyle habits – which delights children and adolescents who dream of becoming a youtuber, tiktoker or instagrammer. To give you an idea, estimates from Business Insider show that the sector should move US$ 15 billion this year.

In the case of professionals trained in other areas, however, content production has more the objective of boosting their careers than generating income with the networks. But one thing leads to another. By increasing exposure and reach on the internet, they end up adding value to the business, can charge more for the services provided and have busy schedules.

O Estadão talked to some professional influencers from other areas, who told the changes brought by the networks in their professions. See below:

highly regarded doctor

A pioneer in the study of black skin in Brazil, the dermatologist Katleen Conceição started on the internet with a blog in 2010. The lack of content about black skin motivated her to disseminate information about the best techniques and products focused on her specialty.

From the blog, he migrated to other social networks and began to conquer an audience that until then was made invisible by the lack of specialized professionals. “My followers like and want content because they really believe in my work,” says Katleen.

With the pandemic, the dermatologist ventured even further into content production and followed the boom of lives on Instagram. The result was an 80% growth in the number of followers and even greater visibility for companies and credibility in the market.

“I went from being a famous doctor and blogger to a highly regarded doctor”, she says. With a busy schedule and vacancies available only for six months from now, the doctor says that it was through the networks that she managed to leave her mark on the market and become known as a national reference on the subject.

With more than 260,000 followers on Instagram, Katleen shows details of her work routine, gives tips on skin care and explains treatment protocols. “I think people want real people, without this stuff injected with perfection. Yes, I have dark circles like everyone else and I want to show that to those who accompany me.”

Humorous about psychology

The same happened with the psychologist Fernanda Angelini. Before the pandemic, she already had a fixed patient card, a full schedule and charged a competitive price. But how TikTok on the rise, she decided to start creating informative and humorous materials about psychology for social media. What started unpretentiously became another part of her job, which included hiring a team to produce the content.

“My focus is not to make money with Instagram”, explains Fernanda, who has 213 thousand followers. She says that the success in the networks worked as a safety valve, in which it was possible to create a waiting list of patients, gave greater freedom to increase the value of consultations and diversified sources of income with the creation of infoproducts, for example. .

“When you start to grow in networks, there’s an internal and external pressure that you have to always be on the rise, but that’s not how it works. I think it takes a little bit of the fun out of the whole thing.”

Angelini has a team to help her with both the bureaucratic part of the clinic and the development of content for the main networks. She explains that the first step is to choose the concept you want to work on. From there, the team does an initial research and begins to flesh out the material, with links and all the information collected. Then, just review it, turn it into a publication and pass it on to the designer who will make the art.

“If the information is useful and I like the subject, we make a publication about it. This is my criterion for choosing”, he says.

The greater the reach, the greater the opportunities.

In his networks, nutritionist Ricardo Durante reacts to videos, answers questions and talks about hot topics in the area in which he works. “Producing content for social media is cheap marketing. All you have to do is put your time there and that’s how I started,” he says. His digital presence meant that the nutritionist had a much wider range of clients, beyond Cuiabá, his hometown.

The time dedicated to social networks made it possible for him to start working, since 2020, only online, with most patients coming from Instagram itself. “I managed to conquer this geographic freedom of being able to serve people from anywhere in the world, all it takes is a good internet connection”, says Durante, who has 104,000 followers on Instagram.

Rights and obligations of companies and workers

With a focus on labor law, lawyer Alexandre Ferreira found on TikTok the ideal platform to disseminate important information about the rights and obligations of workers and companies.

He explains that he works producing content for five social networks, but the platform specializing in short videos has the best delivery performance and reach of new accounts. “I started on the network without any followers and in three days my first video had 600,000 views”, he says.

Living in a city with 25,000 inhabitants, in the interior of Mato Grosso do Sul, Ferreira saw the organic growth of the networks result in a strategy of positioning and authority within the legal market at a national level.

“People get in touch naturally. I can’t and don’t even need to advertise my work, one thing leads to another until this person effectively becomes my client”, says the lawyer. Ferreira has 911 thousand followers on TikTok.

With the production of content being part of his professional routine, Ferreira sets aside an hour of the day to produce for the networks. Within that time, all set-up, lighting, microphone, script creation, production, recording, editing and posting are included.

“Before, I took much longer. I did my preparation, spent hours thinking about topics in my house. Nowadays, things flow better, the experience makes us more agile and creative”, he says.


How to calculate a worker’s vacation? lawyer work job vacation

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Tips to get started

According to Fernanda Angelini, finding your type of content is the first step in embarking on this journey. She says that there is no ready-made formula and the tip is to start slowly, without the intention of going viral right away so as not to get frustrated and be able to maintain a posting routine.

Alexandre Ferreira reiterates the importance of digital presence for the lawyer who wants to continue growing professionally in the market. For him, breaking the personal block and the fear of judgment is the main tip for the professional who wants to start producing content.

“It is necessary to put in mind that this can effectively help your business, in addition to informing and helping the people who will consume these videos. It is a social service for society”, he adds.

To become an effective growth strategy, says Fátima Pissarra, social networks also need to be seen as a professional enterprise. It is necessary to work with consistency, seriousness and discipline. “It’s no use trying for a week, saying it didn’t work and giving up. Nobody opens a restaurant and closes after ten days. You’re investing and results take time.”

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