Munik Nunes wins the groom’s dog: “I only knew how to cry with joy” – Vida de Bicho

Munik Nunes gets a dog as a gift from the groom (Photo: Jonathan Amorim/ Disclosure)

in love with animals, Munik Nunes won a more than special gift from the groom, Paulo Simões. The businessman adopted a dog and took it to the champion of the BBB16 and influencer being the animal’s tutor.

The moment he saw the dog, Munik could not contain himself and was moved to tears of emotion. “I love dogs, when I saw the puppy, I only knew how to cry with joy [risos]”, he says in an exclusive interview with Animal life.

The ex-BBB, who is already responsible for a dog, called Zezé, has not yet chosen the name of the dog, which she refers to as ‘baby’, and asked for the help of her followers for this. “My fans have been with me at every stage of my life and this time would be no different,” she explained.

Munik Nunes cried with emotion when he saw the dog (Photo: Jonathan Amorim/ Disclosure)

For Munik, who had seven dogs at home as a teenager, living with animals is essential. “They are very important in my life. I treat her like a child, a baby”, she admits, who intends to pamper the new member of the family, who is small in size.

“I’ve always wanted to be a dog owner like this, I think it’s cool to see people walking their dogs in their bags, taking them everywhere. I believe that now I will be able to go with her wherever I go, because she is very small, she will be my partner for all times”, she melts.

Munik knows that, in addition, care for the animal is important, such as food and health, in addition to vaccines and veterinary monitoring, and, of course, filling it with a lot of affection and attention. “Animals bring love, lightness. They brighten the environment, I believe they are very good for the mental health of tutors”, he concludes.

Munik Nunes calls the dog a baby and wants help from the followers to choose the name (Photo: Disclosure / Jonathan Amorim)

Munik Nunes calls the dog a baby and wants help from the followers to choose the name (Photo: Jonathan Amorim/ Disclosure)

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