“It wouldn’t be a surprise”; Rivaldo is honest about Neymar’s chances of winning the Golden Boot with the national team and indicates another favorite

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According to Betfair, Harry Kane is the favorite to take the Golden Boot

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9/22/2022 – 1:49 pm BRT

9/22/2022 – 1:49 pm BRT

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF | Neymar
© 1287Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF | Neymar

There are only 60 days left for the Qatar World Cup, which will receive all the attention of the planet in the first world cup held in the Middle East. And the Brazilian team continues to be the biggest favorite to win the title in 2022. According to Betfair’s analysis, the chances of the sixth in Qatar have a 14% probability and the favorites for the Golden Boot in the world.

In addition to highlighting Brazil’s chances at the World Cup in Qatar, the specialist in sports odds analysis also evaluated the chances of candidates for the award given by FIFA to the tournament’s top scorer. And according to Betfair’s assessment, for the Golden Boot, an award given to the top scorer of the World Cup, Englishman Harry Kane is the favorite to get the best once again (he already won in 2018). There are 15% (7.0) chances for the Tottenham striker to be chosen as the best in the World Cup, against 12% (9.0) for Frenchman Kylian Mbappé and 8% (13.0) for Neymar to win the award.

Another Brazilian who is among the top ten for the individual conquest is Vinicius Júnior, who appears in seventh with 4%, behind the Argentine Lionel Messi, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and the Belgian Romelu Lukaku. For Rivaldo, Betfair ambassador, Neymar and Vinícius Júnior are favorites for the award.

“The FIFA Golden Boot will always be a very open competition that could have a winner who is not at the top of the list at the moment. According to Betfair’s analysis, the mentioned players have a good chance of getting it. In Brazil, besides Neymar, Vini Jr is one of the big favorites, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he manages to repeat in the World Cup what he’s been doing at . I believe he could be a good surprise at this Worlds.”

Rivaldo concluded the interview with Betfair stating that the team that manages to reach the finals could have its star chosen as the best player of the Cup. “The tendency is that the teams that reach the finals of the tournament end up having a better chance of having the ace of the Cup. Still, it will always be a very open competition that could have a winner who is not at the top of the list at the moment,” he concluded.

Check out the top 10 in the ranking of possible top scorers analyzed by Betfair below

1. Harry Kane – 16% (7.0)
2. Mbappé – 12% (9.0)
3. Neymar and Benzema – 8% (13.0)
5. Cristiano Ronaldo – 7% (15.0)
6. Lionel Messi – 6% (17.0)
7. Romelu Lukaku – 5% (19.0)
8. Vinicius Jr, Lautaro Martinez and Memphis Depay – 4% (26.0)
11. Lewandowski – 3% (34.0)

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