Former ally calls Ciro a stray bullet and would have been left by Brizola

Former ally calls Ciro a stray bullet and would have been left by Brizola
Former ally calls Ciro a stray bullet and would have been left by Brizola

Former federal deputy Cidinha Campos (PDT) participated today in the UOL News and made a series of criticisms of the presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT). For her, Ciro errs in his strategy of shooting in all directions, attacking Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and Jair Bolsonaro (PL), and also stated that Leonel Brizola, founder of the PDT, would already be supporting Lula at this point in time. electoral race.

“Ciro is a stray bullet and he doesn’t know who he’s going to shoot. Who is he going to hurt? Who is he going to kill? his presence, I don’t know if out of vanity or centrism, I don’t know what happens to him”, he said.

Cidinha also called the PDT candidate a “delusional person” and stated that Leonel Brizola would be supporting Lula’s candidacy, even citing a conversation he had with the grandson of the PDT founder, Leonel Brizola Neto.

“I think he [Brizola] I would have supported Ciro, but I would have already said that it is no longer possible. I spoke yesterday with Leonel Brizola Neto, Brizola’s grandson, and he clearly said ‘my grandfather would not wait for the 2nd round, my grandfather would already be supporting Lula because he was always by Lula’s side in the most difficult moments’”.

While participating in the UOL Newsthe former deputy stated that Ciro’s candidacy is isolated and that within the PDT there are deputies who support Lula, but are afraid to express this support.

“There is that secret support, for example, if you see the electoral advertisements, nobody names Ciro. among PDT deputies”, he concluded.

Reale Jr. says he will spontaneously vote for Lula in the 1st round and criticizes Ciro Gomes: ‘Exaggerates the dose’

Jurist Miguel Reale Júnior, one of the authors of Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment request, declared his vote for Lula during his participation in the UOL News and he also made some criticisms of Ciro Gomes, especially in his speech that the PT promotes left-wing fascism in Brazil.

“[Bolsonaro] he will be capable of anything, in addition to the continuous threats of a coup, the contestation of the polls and I’ve already said that if he doesn’t win, it’s because he’s naughty in the TSE. In other words, in the 2nd round, Bolsonaro’s threats to destabilize the country could materialize and disrupt Brazilian life. That’s why I believe that, given the inability of Simone Tebet, who is the best candidate, we should prevent any disturbance in Brazilian life”, he said, commenting on the vote for Lula in the 1st round.

He even cited Ciro’s “exaggerations” in his comparison between right and left fascists, citing the PT. “It’s the exaggerations that Ciro repeatedly commits. I admire him, but without a doubt he exaggerates the dose”.

Sakamoto: ACM Neto seems to put himself as a pardo simply to try to win votes

“It looks like he [ACM Neto] he puts it to get votes, pure and simple, when in fact he can be white, because he is white, and support the cause of the black movement, support quotas and support a number of things. He doesn’t need to declare himself as such a color to get votes,” said the columnist for UOL Leonardo Sakamoto.

During the UOL News, he called ACM Neto’s self-declaration “quaint” and questioned the fact that the self-declaration had never been made before. “Why throughout his political life has he not put this as one of the main points? Why has he never brought this up? He declares this exactly in an election campaign in a state with a large amount of blacks, Salvador is the blackest capital in Brazil “.

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