Estado de Minas and TV Alterosa interview Cabo Tristo today – Politica

Estado de Minas and TV Alterosa interview Cabo Tristo today – Politica
Estado de Minas and TV Alterosa interview Cabo Tristo today – Politica
Cabo Tristo is known for having helped President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the knife attack in the 2018 presidential campaign. (photo: Reproduction/Social Media)

The series of interviews by the group Dirios Associados with candidates for the government of Minas in the 2022 elections continues this Thursday (22/9). Cabo Tristo, PMB candidate, today’s interviewee.

at 5:30 pm, Cabo Tristo participates in “EM Interview”, broadcast live on Portal Uai’s YouTube channel and also on The program will be 40 minutes long.

Later, at 7:15 pm, Tristo participates in a live interview with Jornal da Alterosa, on TV Alterosa. He responds, for five minutes, to questions about his government plan.

Paulo Tristo Pinto, 36, born in Juiz de Fora. He is a military police officer and runs for the Brazilian Women’s Party (PMB). The candidate for vice on his ticket Antonio Otavio (PMB). Cabo Tristo positions himself in favor of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), whom he helped to provide relief on the day of the knife attack in Juiz de Fora, in the 2018 campaign.

Pre-candidate form

Name: Paulo Tristo Pinto

vice: Antonio Otavio (PMB)

Broken: PMB

Age: 36 years

marital status: Married

occupation: Military police

Degree of Instruction: Graduated

city ​​of birth: Juiz de Fora/MG


Vanessa Portugal (PSTU), Alexandre Kalil (PSD) and Renata Regina (PCB) have already participated in the series, which started last Monday (19). The interviews continue until Friday (30/9) of the next week.

Cabo Tristo (PMB), Indira Xavier (UP), Romeu Zema (Novo), Lourdes Francisco (PCO), Carlos Viana (PL), Marcus Pestana (PSDB) and Lorene Figueiredo (Psol), in that order, are the next interviewees.

The first round of this year’s elections will be on October 2nd. If there is a second round, it will take place on the 30th of the same month.

The article is in Portuguese

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