What does NRC think | Can the flag be straight again, ON of the tube and Twitter cleaned up?

What does NRC think | Can the flag be straight again, ON of the tube and Twitter cleaned up?
What does NRC think | Can the flag be straight again, ON of the tube and Twitter cleaned up?

Whether you are chairman of the NPO, director of RIVM or chairman of the House of Representatives. In less than a week there were a number of instances where they were challenged and acted. At least they came under such pressure that intervention was inevitable. The incidents involved racism, slander and insinuation, on TV and in the House. And emerged from the reactionary subculture of conspiracy theories, outspoken sympathy for Russia, aversion to democracy, vaccines and harassment of LGBTI minorities. The atmosphere of ignoring, trivializing, undergoing and hoping that it will pass by itself in society now seems to be coming to an end. At least with a wider part of the public than until now.

It seems that many are not satisfied with a society in which the royal family is blown off the balcony on Budget Day, which allows racist TV programs in which the ‘n’ word openly sows hatred, with malicious people read by hundreds of thousands of citizens on Twitter. unproven Twitter gossip about a scientist’s corruption. With the creaking of the Dutch flag, which has been hung upside down en masse and has thus become the pubic cover of the farmers’ protest.

There is a sense of ‘it can no longer be like this’. The desire to look away and take the money has evaporated – the racist broadcast by Ongehoord Nederland immediately mobilized the entire public broadcaster with a collective protest, in no uncertain terms. “Immediately out of the system,” said director Kuipers of KRO-NCRV to NRC. The broadcaster’s ombudsman received 17,000 complaints.

If this continues, a tipping point will be close by, from which the free, limited public space can gain. It was visible in the unique cabinet action to spontaneously and collectively leave the meeting of the House of Representatives. A more than symbolic step, after FVD party leader Baudet had indulged in unheard of, unfounded personal suspicions against the Minister of Finance. Such expressions are dangerous for the person and therefore undermining for democracy.

Is such boundlessness an expression of madness, is it attention seeking, provocation, tactics or is it something else? Who knows may say. But it does not contribute to the democratic process. In the House, relations between the radical right, the cabinet and other factions have gone off the rails. Yesterday PVV’er Wilders qualified the absent minister Jetten (D66, climate and energy) as a ‘climate psychopath’. Few noticed it anymore. Warnings for the ‘slippery slope’ come there too late.

Political opponents, led by the radical right, have been enemies for some time now, who apparently can be hated, demonized and brought before the Supreme Court. PVV’er Wilders wished this week to file a report against the entire cabinet ‘for misdemeanor of office’. It is ‘lock ’em up’ after Trumpian model.

The fact that Speaker of the House Bergkamp this time withdrew Baudet from the floor for further debate after his attack on Minister Kaag (D66, finance) is a step forward compared to her earlier hesitant approach aimed at reconciliation. This also applied to the management of the RIVM, which forced the gossips Yves Gijrath and Erik de Vlieger to withdraw their ‘message’ within 24 hours. There are no limits for a reason. Whoever forgets them throws away his own freedoms.

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