Today is Gonzaguinha’s day!

Today would be the birthday of the eternal Gonzaguinha!

One of the greatest singers and composers of Brazilian popular music, Gonzaguinha left early, at age 45, unexpectedly, victim of a car accident. Today, she would be turning 77.

Your talent comes from birth! Luiz Gonzaga do Nascimento Júnior is the foster son of Luiz Gonzaga, the King of Baião.

Already living in Rio de Janeiro, in 1945, the Pernambuco gonzagao (as the Pernambuco native came to be called when his son began to play music in the early 70s), he met Gonzaguinha’s mother, the singer Odaleia. The girl was pregnant and Luiz decided to assume the child when it was born. It turns out that the relationship did not work out, the two separated a while later and Gonzaguinha stayed with his mother, receiving visits and financial help from gonzagao.

When Odaleia died of tuberculosis, Gonzaguinha was only two years old and Luiz Gonzaga was already in another relationship and with a busy schedule of concerts, asking a couple of friends to raise the boy and making periodic visits.

At the age of 14, Gonzaguinha composed his first song, Memories of Spring, and only at 16 did he go to live with his father to study. The father-son relationship was very difficult over the years – due to the absence of Luiz Gonzaga in the raising of Gonzaguinha in his first years of life – and it only improved much later, when Gonzaguinha graduated from the University of Economics and became become a musician like his father.

After that, the two became very close, started to compose in partnership, recorded an album and even toured together, in 1979.

Source: TV Cultura Uol

During his university period, Gonzaguinha came into contact with other young musicians like him and founded the group MAU (University Artistic Movement), along with names such as Ivan Lins, Aldir Blanc and César Costa Filho.

At that time, the artist was already participating in festivals and began to emerge with his lyrics always with a strong social content, provocative and characterized by a stance of criticism to the

military dictatorship. Because of this, he was heavily persecuted by the censors and targeted by the DOPS, having many songs censored.

Over time, Gonzaguinha realized that his lyrics weren’t reaching the audience he wanted to play. Thus, he began to compose lighter songs, more so with important and politicized messages.

In the year 1976, with his fourth album, Hojeria Tudo Outra Vez, he achieved immense success throughout Brazil, also consolidating himself as a composer and being recorded by great names such as Elis Regina, Simone, Gilberto Gil, Maria Bethânia, Tim Maia, Zizi Possi and Gal Costa, in addition to her father. There were almost 20 albums released in 20 years of career.

Among his biggest hits are the classics:

  • IT IS,
  • I would start all over again,
  • Can’t Take It Anymore (Blows Heart),
  • Alert Scream,
  • Beautiful Lake of Love,
  • What Is What Is,
  • Bleeding,
  • gallop,
  • Rediscover,
  • And let’s fight,
  • Of Greater Freedom (My Way),
  • Message and Petunia Reseda,
  • all solo compositions by the artist.

live the eternal Gonzaguinha, who taught us to live and not be ashamed of being happy, to be eternal apprentices, to believe in the boys and to fight with that youth! Who showed us that life is beautiful, is beautiful and is beautiful!

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