Work to remove the wreckage of the bus stop that fell on Av. Rio Branco follows this Thursday morning (22)

Work to remove the wreckage of the bus stop that fell on Av. Rio Branco follows this Thursday morning (22)
Work to remove the wreckage of the bus stop that fell on Av. Rio Branco follows this Thursday morning (22)
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The Municipality of Juiz de Fora began the removal of the wreckage of the bus stop that fell after rain with winds of more than 90 km / h hit the city on the afternoon of this Wednesday (21).

According to information from the PJF, the service started late on Wednesday night. The metal structure was removed this Thursday morning (22) and Demlurb workers are cleaning the place so that traffic, which was diverted to the central lane, is released. Temporary railings are being placed until the new structure is installed.

The removal and replacement service is the responsibility of Cinturb.


According to the Civil Defense, eleven incidents were recorded due to the gale. None of them of gravity.

The region of the city with the most occurrences was the southeast, with four.

Civil Defense teams continue on the streets to perform the calls. In case of an emergency, call 911.


According to information from the PJF, more than 20 incidents related to traffic were recorded due to the rains. On Thursday morning, about 160 intersections were already at traffic lights. On Wednesday (21), at 49 intersections there were problems with power outages, equipment burnout or a fall. The actions of the traffic agents and the responsible teams ensured the agility in the maintenance and repair of these traffic lights.

The Municipal Department of Urban Cleaning (Demlurb) was also working in various parts of the city, cleaning, mainly, the trees that fell on the roads. 5.4 tons of garbage were removed during the night and dawn due to the rains. At Halfeld Park, teams were there on Wednesday night and Thursday morning to clean up. On Avenida Brasil there was also action by the teams, as well as on Avenida Rio Branco.

The Municipal Guard was also involved in 13 points of the city to assist in the conduction of traffic, mainly on roads where the traffic lights were off. In addition, teams were deployed to assist and guide traffic due to the fall of poles and/or trees.


The Fire Department and Cemig teams remain committed to removing fallen trees from public roads, repairing and restoring electricity in several districts of Juiz de Fora this Thursday morning (21). In Travessa Nelson Silva, in Costa Carvalho, residents complain that they still have no light since Wednesday afternoon (21), while on Rua Pedro Gonçalves de Oliveira, in the Bom Pastor neighborhood, a tree has fallen over the wiring, which prevents removal the same by the firefighters. The tree also blocked the entrance of a house from the road.

Cemig says that company teams are already on site to prune a large tree that fell on the medium voltage (MV) network at Travessa Nelson Silva, in addition to repairing the cables that broke in the event. The forecast is that the service will be completed and the energy normalized by 12:00. In addition, another team has already moved to attend to the occurrence at Rua Pedro Gonçalves.

Also, according to a note, the main cause of the disconnections were objects thrown towards the electrical network, such as parts of roofs and tree branches, which caused short circuits and cable breaks. These services, which represent greater risk to the population, were prioritized.

“Immediately after the incidents started, company teams started repairs and work continued throughout the night and it was possible to restore more than 90% of the affected customers”.

The forecast is that the restoration of supply to the rest of the affected customers will be done by the end of this afternoon (22/09).

Regarding the occurrences attended by the Fire Department, the corporation released the balance of the work that was carried out on Wednesday (210 and continues this Thursday (22). Check the list of 19 events attended and another 10 in progress below:

Tree fallen on public road – 07
Rescue of stranded person – 02
Rescue of a person in flood / inundation / flash flood – 01
Tree cutting – 01
Structural collapse/collapse – 01
Tree cutting over residence – 01
Tree felled on vehicles – 05
Inspection at risk of falling tree – 01

In progress/waiting:

Tree fallen over residence – 01
Inspection at risk of falling tree – 04
Tree fallen on public road – 04
Tree fallen on vehicle – 01


A large tree fell on Rua da Bahia, blocking the road. PJF agents have been at the scene since Wednesday night (21). The site is blocked for access, with a detour being carried out from Rua Espírito Santo to Rua Ozório de Almeida.

On Avenida dos Andradas, trees fell on the cars parked at the corner of Rua Paula Lima. A City Hall truck was at the scene to remove the tree, an action that was completed on Wednesday night. At the entrance to the Furtado de Menezes neighborhood, a large tree also fell, blocking traffic. PJF teams were on site to remove the tree and clean the site.

Rua José Lourenço Kelmer, at the height of the São Pedro Shopping Center, was closed by the City Hall for the removal of a tree on the road, following action by Cemig due to the fall on the power wires. Traffic agents were at the scene to guide and control the vehicles.

A tree blocked Travessa Nelson Silva, in the Costa Carvalho neighborhood, and caused damage to a parked car. The teams were called and carried out the removal of the branch that was at the scene.

At Rua Cesário Alvim, teams work to repair the sidewalks and carry out inspections to pave the road. At the corner of Avenida Sete de Setembro, teams clean up the fallen trees.

At the entrance to the Furtado de Menezes neighborhood, traffic is already open. Meanwhile, in Praça do São Mateus, Demlurb teams clean up. The Municipal Guard isolated the monument from the site, which will have repairs made by Cesama.

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