Bolsonaro was used to not seeing the poor as citizens

Bolsonaro was used to not seeing the poor as citizens
Bolsonaro was used to not seeing the poor as citizens

Jair Bolsonaro has been heavily criticized for saying, this Wednesday (21), that the poor were used to not learning a profession. And deserve it, of course. But he expressed a thought common to a part of the elite and middle class who believe that solving the problem of the poor is inventing a profession for them.

“Getting people out of the poverty line is a gigantic job, they are people who have been used to not worrying over the years, or the State denying them a way to learn a profession”, said the president in an interview with Rede Vida.

Election after election, we have seen PSDB candidates, for example, pointing to the creation of technical schools as this solution. Without wanting to belittle its importance (I can attest to it, as I attended high school in one and, before me, my father too), but this message irritates a lot of people on the periphery. The impression is that, for the poor, the technical course, for the rich, the university.

Why is the increase in vacancies in public higher education courses not as important in the electoral agenda as the creation of ETECs? The answer perhaps shares the same perception as Bolsonaro’s statement – which openly says what others lather to say.

For those who are poor and from the periphery, there is pride in reaching the university, which is still seen as a way of expanding horizons and economic and social improvement. For this, despite Bolsonarism’s attacks on higher education, pointing out that the place of the poor is also the university has appeal.

No wonder the PT campaign for the São Paulo government insists on talking more about Haddad, the Minister of Education, responsible for implementing ProUni and expanding the federal network of universities, than about Haddad, the mayor of São Paulo, who was not reelected.

Ironically, USP Leste, the last major undertaking of a state public university in the capital, was founded during the government of neocomrade Geraldo Alckmin.

The implementation of quotas has reduced the monochromatic appearance of state and federal public universities, but there is still a long way to go to occupy these spaces in a more democratic way. Just see the violent reaction of those who had their privileges reduced with the measure. And this occupation necessarily involves the opening of new vacancies.

But Bolsonaro’s statement also needs to be read beyond this analysis.

In his prejudiced matrix of interpretation of the world, the president considered for many years that income distribution programs were a useless factory for producing children because that is how he and a part of the country see the poor: an interest group that, in the face of offer of some caraminguás, prefers to stop working and studying.

“Bolsa Família is a lie, you can’t get a person in the Northeast to work in your house. Because if you go to work, you lose the Bolsa Família”, he said in an interview with Record News, in 2012.

“The guy has three, four, five, ten children and it’s the state’s problem, man. He’s already going to live on Bolsa Família, he’s not going to do anything. It doesn’t do anything. It made eight children, those eight children will have to daycare, school, then quota up front. To be what in society? To be nothing”, he said in an interview with documentary filmmaker Carlos Juliano Barros, in 2015.

Ah, but that’s the past, before he was president – some say. So hold this one:

“There is no way to take the Bolsa Família from the staff, as some want. There are 17 million people who cannot go to the job market anymore. With all due respect, they do not know how to do almost anything”, he explained on October 27 of the last year, in an interview with TV A Crítica.

“They don’t know how to do almost anything.” This idea that the poor need to be tutored is in the DNA of Bolsonarism and a portion of the elite.

Due to the voting intention of those who earn up to two minimum wages so far, I believe they disagree with the president.

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