MC Loma rebels at questions about her daughter’s paternity

MC Loma rebels at questions about her daughter’s paternity
MC Loma rebels at questions about her daughter’s paternity

MC Loma, 19, was outraged after being asked about the paternity of her daughter, Melanie, who was born on the 9th of this month. Infuriated, the young woman gave a cross answer on a social network.

After opening a question box on Instagram, Loma was not happy to receive numerous questions about her daughter’s father. “I posted the box and it just asks ‘What about Melanie’s father?’, ‘What about Melanie’s parent?’, ‘What did the parent think when he saw Melanie?’. He didn’t find anything, he has to find nothing! I did this girl with my finger. It was insemination, for you to stop. I always said I wasn’t going to talk about Melanie’s father here, you still insist!”, she complained.

During her pregnancy, the singer received criticism for keeping the baby’s father’s identity a mystery. According to her, revealing the information “isn’t going to change anything” in her or the boy’s life.

“I know who my son’s father is. The father already knew, I even told him. I’m a single person and I was dating, but I’m very happy,” she said at the time.

Another time, the young woman had already vented about the questions surrounding her daughter’s paternity. The young woman even questioned how the identity of the man would add to people’s lives.

In videos made on Instagram Stories, she spoke about the curiosity of people, especially women, in wanting to know who the child’s father is.

“I put a box of questions to answer all your doubts. And many questions were from women, the worst is that, man. A lot of women asking who the father is”, she said. “What will this add to your life? Are you going to take over? Pay the expenses? Pay for milk, diapers, take care? Clean up poop, pee… Is that you? If I didn’t say it here, it’s because I don’t feel like talking , my people”, he stressed.

Despite being famous, she said she has no reason to reveal who the baby’s father is. “It’s not because I’m a public person that I have to talk about my life. I’m not in the mood to talk about who the father of my child is. I won’t. […] Go look for what to do. He just stays on the internet looking into other people’s lives. God forbid. Add what in your life? Go to work! Will do something. For God’s sake,” she blurted out.

She continued: “You keep saying that I don’t want to talk about who the father is because I don’t know, but I know who he is. I don’t want to talk, because I don’t feel like talking. Not everything that happens in my life I don’t come here to bring “, said.

Then she explained the reason for not revealing her identity. “[…] What are you going to do? Except sniffing around the boy’s life. Because if you’re going to do something good, help raise the boy, then that’s fine. It’s going to be a great thing, but you’re not going to do that, just fuel the gossip between you, which is a ridiculous thing to do with it. I wanted to understand,” he concluded.

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