these were the 17 victims of Jeffrey Dahmer

Everyone is captivated by the new series on : DAHMERMonster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. This monster took the lives of 17 young men in a sickening way. Enough about Jeffrey Dahmer, let’s talk about his victims.

The Ryan Murphy and Evan Peters are praised for the fine piece of acting and the bizarre production. But there is also a lot of criticism, because this is again traumatizing for the relatives of the victims. Especially because the series is so graphic.

Everyone’s talking about the Jeffrey Dahmer docuseries on Netflix and this is the sinister story

These were the 17 victims of Jeffrey Dahmer

Viewers of the series wonder why Netflix continues to “glorify” and even “humanize” murders. Opinions are divided on whether this actually happens. The fact remains that the series goes deeply into the story of Dahmer, but less on that of the victims. Time to shed light on this side of the sad case.

Steven Hicks

At the time of the murder in June 1978, Steven Hicks was 18 years old and had just graduated from Coventry High School in the United States. She was described as a kind-hearted and compassionate person who enjoyed helping others and was always open to making new friends.

Jeffrey picked up Steven Hicks while Steven was hitchhiking on his way to meet his friends at a rock concert in Ohio. Dahmer then lured Steven back to his father’s house with the promise of a few beers and a ride to the concert. Gradually, Jeffrey’s behavior becomes more and more uncomfortable, prompting Steven to leave. That’s when Dahmer becomes furious and hits Steven with a dumbbell, before strangling him.

Steven Tuomic

Steven, 24-year-old, was Dahmer’s second victim. He grew up in Ontonagon, Michigan, and graduated from Ontonagon Area High School in 1981. Steven Tuomi left all his clothes and several paychecks from his job behind before disappearing, arousing suspicion.

After three months of unsuccessful searches, Steven’s family finally reported him missing to police in December, three months after he was last seen. However, they only discovered where he was in 1991.

Jamie Doxtator

Jamie, along with Konerak Sinthasomphone, is the youngest victim. He just turned 14. According to The Tampa Bay Times Jamie ran away from home on January 16, 1988 to eat his wrong stepfather to escape. He met Dahmer two days later…

Richard Guerrero

Guerrero was a young man who was reported missing in 1988. Parts of his body were later found in Dahmer’s grandmother’s skin.

Anthony Sears

Anthony was bisexual, had a girlfriend and worked in the Bakers Square restaurant in Milwaukee. Sears met Dahmer on the evening of March 25, 1989 at the Milwaukee gay club La Cage. He has never been seen since. According to his mother Marilyn, Anthony had planned to visit her the next day to celebrate his recent promotion at his job as a manager at the restaurant, but he never showed up.

Raymond Smith (aka Ricky Beeks)

Ricky, a male prostitute, was 32 when he went to Dahmer’s apartment. We all know what happened there afterwards.

Edward W. Smith

Edward, aka Eddie, was known as a crazy guy‘. He was always up for a good time, and would stand out in a crowd.

Surprisingly, he had known Dahmer for some time before he was killed by him, and may have even considered him a friend. He had also been to his apartment and always came back alive. So, when Dahmer invited him again on June 14, 1990, he saw no reason to be suspicious.

Ernest Miller

Ernest Miller, only 22 at the time, was lured to Dahmer’s apartment by Dahmer telling him he would be paid $50 to pose naked for photos. Ernest was handsome, had a well-trained body and was a talented dancer.

David C. Thomas

Thomas was last seen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 24, 1990. His family had last heard from him the month before. He had no permanent address at the time of his disappearance, but he had been living occasionally with a girlfriend for years. He left behind a three-year-old daughter whom he visited regularly. His ex-girlfriend has reported him missing on the advice of his probation officer.

Curtis Straughter

Curtis was young and vibrant and had the whole world at his feet. He lived with his grandmother. After recently losing his job as a nursing assistant, Curtis had plans to model and finish college.

Errol Lindsey

Errol Lindsey lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was only 19 years old at the time of his murder. Those who knew him described him as an honest and generous person who enjoyed helping others.

Errol was known as a young man who was very popular among his group of friends and was very close to his family, especially his mother and sister.

Tony Hughes

Anthony “Tony” Hughes was born on August 26, 1959. He lost his hearing permanently as a baby due to side effects of drugs he received as a child. Hughes graduated from the Wisconsin School for the Deaf. He then moved to Madison, Wisconsin, to attend college while pursuing a modeling career.

Episode six of the series takes a closer look at Tony’s heartbreaking story.

Konerak Sinthasomphone

Konerak Sinthasmophone was a 14-year-old boy who grew up in Wisconsin. He was born into a family that immigrated to the United States from Laos. According to press reports, Konerak’s family was facing various financial difficulties and so he and his brother Somsack tried to help their family.

We see Konerak’s unsuccessful escape in episode two. Our hearts break again.

Matt Turner

Born in 1971, Matt Turner was a Chicago man. He lived on the north side of town and worked at a local pizza restaurant, serving tables. He liked to chat with the customers – friends and employers would later remember him as a warm, sparkling soul. He lip-synched at a bar under the name Donald Montrell.

Matt loved dressing up and having his picture taken, according to a friend, so that’s probably how Dahmer lured him to his apartment.

Jeremiah Weinberger

23-year-old Jeremiah Weinberger became known as Jeffrey Dahmer’s 15th victim. They met in early July 1991 when Dahmer was roaming the streets of Chicago at Carols Speakeasy Bar, located on Chicago’s near north side, in Oldtown.

Oliver Lacy

Oliver Lacy, from Chicago, Illinois, was 24 years old at the time of his murder and lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An ambitious bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, he was described as a lively and down-to-earth person, who loved helping others and always greeted everyone with a smile.

Joseph Bradehoft

Joseph Bradehoft was born in Minnesota, United States, on January 24, 1966. Bradehoft moved from Illinois to Milwaukee to visit his brother and look for a job to support his family. He was married with three children, but he and his wife were separated.

Joseph Bradehoft was the seventeenth and last victim of mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer. Bradehoft was paid for taking nude photos. He was drugged, then strangled and eventually beheaded. Dahmer kept his skull and torso frozen.

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