Families suspect human trafficking of young Brazilians in the US – Nacional

Families suspect human trafficking of young Brazilians in the US – Nacional
Families suspect human trafficking of young Brazilians in the US – Nacional
By Bruno Luis Barros
Letcia Maia Alvarenga, 21, left, and Desirr Freitas, age unknown (photo: Personal archive)

Faced with the uncertainties of what happened to Brazilian Letcia Maia Alvarenga, 21, and Desirr Freitas, age unknown, parents, family and friends are fighting a battle in search of answers. They disappeared after involvement with digital influencer Kate Torres, popularly known as Kate A Luz.

The young women moved to the United States to do an au pair – an exchange program where the person is part of a North American host family, for a year, taking care of their children, and in exchange receives accommodation, meals, weekly remuneration and the opportunity to travel and study.

Last Friday (10/14), Letcia’s father, Cleider Castro Alvarenga, who lives in Perdes, in the south of Minas Gerais, published a report on Instagram stating that she has been missing since April this year. According to him, the daughter was in the city of Leander, Texas. “We are desperate. If anyone has any news, let us know. I also ask that you share with other groups and people who can help us,” he wrote.

In another post on social networks, Cleider suspects that Letcia has been a victim of human trafficking. In the comments, netizens claimed to have seen the photo of the young woman on prostitution websites.

After great repercussion, the young woman confronted her family in videos posted on Instagram and accused her father of sexual abuse. “When I was a child I was abused by my father. My mother always went to the countryside and I stayed with my father. So, that was when everything happened. He sexually abused me. My mother would come home, I would talk about what happened and she would let it go,” said the young woman, adding that she found support in Kate to deal with the situation.

“I grew up and he did absurd things to me. At 15 years old, he was still doing it all. That’s when I started making appointments with Kate. She was the only person I told this story to and she told me I should go to the States.” According to the young woman, Kate guided her to become an au pair.

It is worth mentioning that the publications with attacks on the family did not convince most Internet users. In the comments, many people believe that Letcia was coerced, in some way, into recording the videos. Regarding the text posts, suspicion was raised that the messages were written by Kate.

Desirr Freitas case

This Sunday (10/16), the Instagram page called Searching Desirr – created to try to get answers about the young woman’s whereabouts and publicize the case – published a publication, on behalf of the family, in which it states that the young woman does not appear in public. since the 19th of September.

“A lot of people are following the lives that are emerging, all with distorted narratives – the false guru’s pattern to divert her focus. Anyone who knows the girls does not condone the untruths raised. In the videos it is possible to clearly see that there is a prison beyond the physical, which is the emotional prison: manipulation, threats, blaming the victim and false promises”, highlights an excerpt from the note.

“Regardless of whether they are doing something in their conscience or not, using the vulnerability of Brazilian women with the false promise of wealth, and inducing them to prostitution in the illegality of crime.”

Also according to the communiqués, the North American followers of the page are summoned to report the case to the authorities of the country. “The false guru hasn’t even bothered to try to prove she’s okay. Desirr never had a desire to live illegally. She was totally against it, full of dreams and with a beautiful career to build. Anyone who knows her intimately, knows her true essence, a sweet, cheerful and extremely good person.”

In 2021, Kate would have said how she “saved” Desirr

In another post, Searching Desirr, calling Kate a “false guru”, claims that she “created a narrative convincing Desirr that her husband was working black magic on her and encouraged her to file for divorce.” The publication goes on to say that they went live together in 2021, in which Kate tells how she saved Desirr from an abusive relationship and was now helping her find the perfect man.

“Searching Desirr” also points out that in March of this year there was a fight between the two. “After recovering from the outbreak, the fake guru made peace with Desirr and convinced her to come work with her in the US. The fake guru then announces on her networks that Desirr will start consulting with other girls. From then on, Desirr disappears from social networks and 100% distances himself from his family and friends. Around that same time, the fake guru deleted all content that featured Desirr on her networks.”

In a news report, the Civil Police of Minas Gerais reported that “there is a record of the disappearance of Letcia, 21, whose facts reported in the incident are being investigated by the Civil Police Station in Perdes”.

The report contacted the Federal Police and is awaiting a response.

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