Dance, Brazil! Team debuts today at the World Cup and Raphinha promises to dance in celebration

Brazil debuts in Qatar World Cup this Thursday (24) against Serbia at the Lusail stadium, in dohaat 4 pm.

The canary enters the field in search of the sixth championship. However, the stance of brazilian players has been the target of criticism from the international press, which accuses the athletes of arrogance, especially because striker Raphinha said that Brazil already has the “dances” ready to celebrate goals during the tournament.

Neymar and Lucas Paquetá celebrate with a dance during the qualifiers

In a press conference last week, the athlete from and the national team said that the players already have their steps rehearsed to celebrate the goals. “To tell you the truth, we already have about ten dances prepared for each game, but not for each player. This dance will be for the first, this for the second, this for the third. We have dancing until the tenth goal. Then we will have to innovate (if we pass the ten goals) ”, he said.

The speech was seen by the international press – especially by the British – as a sign of the arrogance of the brazilian team

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