OM: couple from Klazienaveen and former Emmenaar earn millions with illegal trade in erection pills

OM: couple from Klazienaveen and former Emmenaar earn millions with illegal trade in erection pills
OM: couple from Klazienaveen and former Emmenaar earn millions with illegal trade in erection pills

Two men aged 43 and 58 from Papendrecht and Sustrum-Moor, Germany, were sentenced to 32 months in prison today for illegal trade in the banned potency drug Kamagra. For two co-defendants, a 53-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman from Klazienaveen, it amounted to a suspended prison sentence of six months and 240 hours of community service each.

The alleged profit – the Public Prosecution Service estimates it at more than 7.5 million euros – must be claimed as criminal money. After deduction of all kinds of costs and taxes, this amounts to an amount of 4.7 million euros, according to the public prosecutor.

The main suspect in the case is a 58-year-old man, a former citizen of Emmen who later moved to Germany. The Public Prosecution Service considers him the spider in the web. The largest part of the claim is therefore deposited with him: about 3.6 million euros.

The man came into contact with the 43-year-old suspect around 2011. They work together on websites that sell sex articles.

Stupid enough

At a certain point, the former resident of Emmen comes across Kamagra and decides to offer this erection drug, which is banned in Europe, through his site as well. “That went pretty well and it just expanded,” he says during the session.

He comes into contact with the couple from Klazienaveen. He and the woman know each other because she has worked for him as a bookkeeper in the past. The former Emmenaar says that he needs a company in the Netherlands for his expanding trade. Including bank account numbers. “And I stupidly went along with that,” she told the judge.

Lack of suspicion

Her partner also receives a similar offer. A BV is established in both the name of the man and the woman. “I then gave him the bank card,” the Klazienavener refers to the 58-year-old man. The two companies will be housed in buildings on Pollux in Klazienaveen and Magelhaenstraat in Emmen. For a fee, the couple decides to take on the administration. That way things could be closely monitored, was the idea.

The judge found it remarkable that the couple found the whole case anything but suspicious. “The amount of the compensation is one,” said the judge. “Two is the lack of suspicion.”

Han-and-span services

Around 2017, the trade in Kamagra explodes and huge amounts of money flow into the couple’s accounts. From this point on, the woman and the former Emmenaar have a different view of things. According to the latter, he experiences the success of the trade as increasingly oppressive. Because the risk is also increasing.

According to him, the woman then indicated that she wanted to take over the business. In a more modest role he would only perform handyman services. The woman denies that she has taken over the trade.

She just doesn’t want to stop. Not even if she has realized that Kamagra is illegal. She had no choice, she replies. “You cannot just shut down a BV. Then you will be without financial resources to pay the tax debt that comes after it.”


The 43-year-old man from Papendrecht maintained that he had nothing to do with the trade in Kamagra. As a web administrator, he came into contact with the 58-year-old suspect in 2011, for whom he set up a number of sex shop sites. If erection pills are also sold, the Papendrechter first assumes that it is a natural or homeopathic remedy. If he realizes that it is an illegal substance, he says he will pull his hands off it. He breaks off the cooperation and the sites are put in the name of the former Emmenaar. They later renew their cooperation, but according to the web administrator, in that case it is about ‘normal trade.’

Knowingly and willingly

In any case, it is clear to the Public Prosecution Service that the Papendrechter and the former Emmenaar have had the biggest finger in the pie. Therefore, she demanded harsher punishments for them. “Together they have negotiated a deal in the Kamagra trade since 2013. Both knew exactly what was going on from that moment on. The web administrator was also involved in creating the texts on the sites. Including a site where there is even talk of a ban on the potency agent.

The officer blames the suspects for knowingly trading in illegal erection pills without a valid trade permit. A product that was also associated with a health risk. Blood pressure rises and veins widen. “It was a conscious collaboration, in which everyone fulfilled a certain role. A real multi-million dollar business with a product that can lead to serious complaints among users.”

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