Jessica Ayres goes viral as she dances in front of her husband’s tragic death

Jessica Ayres goes viral as she dances in front of her husband’s tragic death
Jessica Ayres goes viral as she dances in front of her husband’s tragic death

Introducing herself as “Singing Widow”, the American woman Jessica Ayers viral, controversial and divided opinions by publishing a video in which she dances while detailing the story of her husband’s death. The deceased was the victim of a stray bullet in 2014.

The cheerful widow is a blogger with 57,000 followers on Instagram and 24,000 on TikTok, the network on which the video is published, however, it was limited to followers after the negative repercussions. However, like nothing else goes unnoticed in the eyes of web experts, the material on Twitter.

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The post has generated a lot of criticism and is fueling a heated debate on social media: “I don’t believe that for a minute”; “The advent of tiktok and its aftermath was a disaster for the human race”; netizens said.

There were deeper analyzes: “It’s perfectly fine to grieve however you want or do whatever you want privately. When it comes to a public domain, social restrictions will always apply. Dancing happily through tragedy will not attract approving responses. That’s why nobody dances on 9/11 annually”; “As a widow, let her do what she wants to live on a daily basis. My husband has been dead for almost 24 years and I still think about him daily. If it helps you, why should it bother you?

Stephen Ayers, Jessica’s ex-husband, was killed by a stray bullet that entered his home in Panama and hit him in the back of the head in 2014.

At the time, the blogger had just had a child, as she reports in the video. The person responsible for the shooting was Charles Shisler, her neighbor. At the time, he claimed that the gun accidentally went off when picking it up from his home, which was 60 meters from Jessica’s, resulting in the unfortunate tragedy.

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