Sophisticated sexual predator or madly in love teacher? OM demands 30 months in prison

Sophisticated sexual predator or madly in love teacher? OM demands 30 months in prison
Sophisticated sexual predator or madly in love teacher? OM demands 30 months in prison

A prison sentence of 30 months has been demanded against a 59-year-old former teacher from the municipality of Tynaarlo, of which 10 months are conditional with a probationary period of three years. The man assaulted a then 15-year-old student several times.

The man taught at Zernike College in Groningen. He also trained the girls soccer team in his hometown. In addition, the abused girl claims compensation of more than 18,000 euros.

The sexual assault with the student took place in 2014 when the child was 15 years old. “An offense that extended over a long period of time,” said the public prosecutor. “The impact is great. In addition, he damaged the victim’s family and colleagues at Zernike College.”

The girl was recovering from hospitalization due to thrombosis in her head when she returned to school. She thought she was ugly, was insecure and had problems at home. The teacher suspected of indecency had many conversations with her. “I liked her more and more. She too, I had the idea,” said the suspect.

The victim’s lawyer believes little of this story. “He was unerringly aware that she was vulnerable. She was in a difficult home situation. It was unsafe for her at home. But she could tell her story with this suspect. He offered her confidence, he made her little world even smaller. one thing of hers and that was sex.”

After a while it indeed came about: in the classroom, somewhere outside and under a blanket during a school excursion on the bus. The first kiss took place after a conversation in the geography classroom. Then the contact intensified. They had many conversations on the app.

At one point, the two continued their conversations through a chat site, at the insistence of the teacher who feared the relationship would be discovered. “She said she thought she was ugly, which was nonsense because she was very beautiful. I kept complimenting her because I thought she was very beautiful too. I fell hopelessly in love. I felt it was mutual. She has even baked me a cake at one point, a cake with hearts on it. Eventually we talked about doing it for real.”

It didn’t come to that, although it made little difference. “On the last day of school, we would do it.” The teacher had said: ‘just put on a dress, that’s easier’. “I wanted to make it a very nice afternoon, but she didn’t have much time. We looked for a place near the N34. We walked into the woods. She said no and then we didn’t.”

The suspect became jealous of another teacher who paid attention to the girl. “I was afraid of two things: that she would talk about it and that I would be traded in.” The child was then even addressed by the mentor that she passed the suspect as a confidant.

The girl stated that she maintained the relationship with the teacher for a while because she was afraid that she would not be able to talk to anyone else. The man, with whom a collection of child pornography was also found on the computer, says that he had a sexual relationship with one other former student. He has since resigned. He is also away from the football team. The probation service suspects a pedophile and a personality disorder.

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