When noises drive you crazy: “When I hear someone eating, I want to punch”

When noises drive you crazy: “When I hear someone eating, I want to punch”
When noises drive you crazy: “When I hear someone eating, I want to punch”


Eating and breathing noises have driven Meagan crazy for as long as she can remember. “That used to be quite good difficult because I couldn’t place it. I was like, why am I the only one who suffers from this?” It’s not just loud smacking that triggers her. “Even just the sound of someone chewing and the saliva that comes into the mouth. Or when someone rubs their teeth over cutlery.”

The feeling Meagan gets from those noises is best described as anger. If I didn’t have self control, I’d punch someone in the face like that. It does not matter who you are. I can think you’re super nice, but as soon as I hear those sounds, all I see and hear is your moving mouth. I really have to concentrate so that I don’t pay attention and don’t get aggressive.”

Skip meals

She tries to avoid situations where Meagan has to eat with someone else as much as possible. “Or we have to go somewhere where I know there’s a lot of ambient noise. I’m getting better at focusing on other sounds, but sometimes it’s still too overwhelming.” She has already skipped dinners several times. “Because I know I can’t explain it, but I don’t want to sit there either.”

Not only the sounds themselves, but also the possibility that the trigger sounds could possibly occur, already causes unrest. “Then I’m already thinking: is it coming? Am I hearing something? Then I’m going to focus very much on whether I hear a noise that makes me angry, so that I know what I have to close myself off from. I am very aware of my environment.” Meagan says she is getting better and distracting herself, but her misophonia remains a major struggle. “I don’t know if it will ever go away, but I really hope so, because it’s really not fun. I also just want to be able to eat with someone without having to think about everything.”

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