Trump is accused of raping a journalist for 30 years

Trump is accused of raping a journalist for 30 years
Trump is accused of raping a journalist for 30 years

Invoking the New York Adult Survivors Act, which went into effect today, the author asks that the former President be tried by a jury, for the crime of injuries related to “rape and forcible touching”, demanding that Trump compensate her for the damages. , with a fine of undetermined amount.

Carroll, 78, had already filed a defamation complaint against Trump after he denied the rape allegation, accusing him of making “false accusations” as well as derogatory comments about his appearance.

In her account on the social network Twitter, the author explained that this new lawsuit could “spoil Thanksgiving Day (which is celebrated today in the USA) for the former President”, but claims that this initiative may be relevant “for all women who have been grabbed, groped, harassed, pinched, pushed, attacked, discredited or dragged through mud by a powerful man.”

“Some 27 years ago, the pranks at the upscale Bergdorf Goodman warehouses on New York’s Fifth Avenue took a dark turn when Defendant Donald J. Trump intercepted whistleblower E. Jean Carroll, forced her against a fitting room wall. , locked her with his shoulder and raped her”, can be read at the beginning of the text of the lawsuit filed today.

The complaint tells the story of the writer, who was 52 years old at the time of the alleged rape, including a description of how Carroll told the story to two journalist friends, blaming himself for what happened and refusing to file a complaint with the authorities, having stayed in silence until the moment when the Me Too movement (for denouncing sexual abuse) emerged.

The complaint also reveals how Carroll thought of accusing Trump in 2016, when he noticed that other women were denouncing similar acts by the then candidate for the White House, explaining that he did not do so out of respect for his mother, a Republican policy.

The document argues that the journalist and writer suffered lasting psychological and economic harm, including “loss of dignity and self-esteem” and being unable to have romantic relationships “since the day Trump raped her”.

New York’s Adult Survivors Act will allow, for the next 12 months, reports of rape and other sexual assaults – which usually expires in 5 years – regardless of the year in which the act took place.

According to the North American ‘media’, around 750 women intend to report to the Department of Corrections for cases of sexual abuse suffered in prisons, while cases related to the millionaire businessman Jeffrey Epstein and Robert Haden, a gynecologist convicted of patient abuse.

The state of New York had already passed a similar law in 2019, which opened a special period for victims who suffered sexual abuse when they were minors and which flooded the courts with about 11,000 complaints, many of them against the Catholic Church and against the organization of Scouts, as well as one against Prince Andrew, of the English royal family.

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