TSMC: Extremely expensive 3nm. Everything will go up in price

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Samsung and Intel are investing heavily in the production of chips with extremely advanced technology, the truth is that TSMC remains alone, in a kind of bubble of complete domination of the mobile market. Especially now that Samsung seems to be having some issues with the defect rate in their 3nm GAA process (defects around 80).

Well, these domains, or monopolies, are not good for anyone at all.

TSMC: Extremely expensive 3nm. Everything will go up in price

Therefore, there is no doubt that the production of semiconductors is an extremely complicated process, which requires time, patience, and a lot (really a lot!) of money. But, by dominating the market with a true iron fist, TSMC begins to be more of a problem than an advantage for consumers.

After all, with its new 3nm process, TSMC is equating a 25% increase over what its partners are now paying. An increase that already goes on top of successive increases, which in turn took place throughout 2020~2022. Incidentally, to get an idea of ​​what is happening, the 7nm process that was so well accepted in 2020 cost around 10,000 euros per wafer. In 5nm, the thing went up to 16,000 euros, and now, with 3nm, we’re going to go up to 20,000 euros. A double increase in the space of 2 years.

However, as you may know, in TSMC’s client portfolio we find high profile names such as Apple, AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, MediaTek. In fact, even Intel is among this lot, despite having its own production lines. We are therefore talking about processors for PCs, smartphones, tablets, the entire Apple ecosystem, etc… In short, everything will become more expensive in 2023, again…

Also, what do you think about all this? Ready for new raises? Or is this simply unsustainable, and for that very reason, are we going to start to see consumers running away from the “novelty”, in order to opt for cheaper products, but still very powerful? Share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

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