Cast your vote for the Warmest Sports Initiative of 2022 | exercise yourself

Cast your vote for the Warmest Sports Initiative of 2022 | exercise yourself
Cast your vote for the Warmest Sports Initiative of 2022 | exercise yourself

The Flemish Sport Jewels will be awarded on 15 December. The prize for the Warmest Sports Initiative goes to a non-profit organization that uses its sports offerings to make a social difference. Vote here for your favorite among the three nominees.

With the Flemish Sports Jewel for the Best Top Sports Performance Minister of Sports Ben Weyts rewards an athlete or sports team that has delivered remarkable performances this year. They can only win the award once in their career. There is no cash prize involved, just a trophy. There are also prizes for the top sports coach and the top sports amplifier of the year.

Since last year, the sports prizes also look beyond top sport. It Flemish Sports Jewel for the Warmest Sports Initiative wants to honor non-profit organizations that use their sports offerings to also make a social difference.

Who will succeed Sportaround, the winner of 2021?

In 2021, the trophy went to Sportaround from Ghent. The non-profit association of marathon runner Bashir Abdi and his best friend Bert Misplon offers socially vulnerable children a range of free or affordable sports activities and thus gives them more opportunities for integration and development.

Meet the three nominees for 2022

1. Football Girls Leuven

Since September 2020, FGL has been giving as many girls from Leuven and the surrounding area the chance to play football as possible. The club currently has over 100 members.

Football Girls Louvain ensures that no one is offside. Football is a means of facilitating the integration of girls from different backgrounds.

The club removes all possible barriers on a financial, sporting and logistical level. For example, FGL uses two rates for the membership fee, members can buy second-hand sportswear and there is a carpool with parents and trainers.

In addition, the club also takes many connecting initiatives: there are exclusive training courses for OKAN young people and partnerships with three Leuven community centers.

FGL also collaborates with the non-profit association ERAT, an organization for socially vulnerable young people who are part of delinquent groups of friends.

2. Sports club Boezjeern from Eeklo

This inclusive omnisport club for adults was founded in 2017 and pays extra attention to vulnerable people, psychologically, financially, socially or physically.

Boozern has a varied sports program that, in addition to low-threshold exercise activities (such as petanque), also offers more intensive sports such as mini football and badminton.

For this, the club removes as many barriers as possible: the membership fee is limited and Boezjeern provides sports shirts, material and even transport. The club encourages its members to come and exercise via SMS at every activity.

Boezjeern mainly focuses on activities with which athletes can expand their social network. There is also always time for a chat with a supervisor, who can refer you where necessary to appropriate assistance.

3. Triple Challenge from Deinze

“A community that wants to push the impact boundaries of sport”. Triple Challenge strives for positive impact on three levels with every sporting activity: health, society and planet.

The members of the inclusive Triple Challenge Club set up activities, train together and participate in sporting events. Their approach is challenging: always healthy, for everyone and only pure nature.

Everyone is welcome to take on challenges together. From working out together in a fun environment to a sporting challenge at the highest level.

And they don’t just challenge themselves. Triple Challenge urges the entire sports world to play the card of healthy, inclusive and sustainable sports. From the holiday maker to the top athlete, from facilities for people with disabilities to organizers of sporting events: everyone has to come along.

Vote here for your favorite initiative:

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