Where is the Canarinho Pistol? Where is Brazil’s invoked mascot walking?

Where is the Canarinho Pistol? Where is Brazil’s invoked mascot walking?
Where is the Canarinho Pistol? Where is Brazil’s invoked mascot walking?
photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Canarinho Pistola one of the highlights of the Brazilian team since the 2018 World Cup

Brazil will be missing from the Qatar World Cup games. This is because the Canarinho Pistola, the team’s mascot, will not be able to accompany the games close to the players, at the edge of the field. Despite the ban not being new, the news left many fans upset – not without reason.

Different from the qualifiers, where the matches were organized by Conmebol, the World Cup games are organized by FIFA, which does not authorize the entry of mascots, only staff, technical commission and national team players.

Therefore, the Canarinho Pistola, like any other mascot, is barred in an attempt to focus attention on the match and avoid crowds.

Even with the restriction, the mascot will once again accompany the delegation during the World Cup, after being absent on the team’s last trips around the world. To get around this issue, he will take isolated actions at tourist spots and even at training sessions in Brazil.

This had already happened at the World Cup in Russia, when he was a fever among the fans there — and also among those who watched it on television or enjoyed everything via memes.

How the Canarinho Pistola was born

The Canarinho Pistola became the official mascot of Brazil in 2016. His frown and pouty manners endeared him to Brazilians and he became an obligatory figure in the games.

According to the CBF, he was inspired by mascots that are successful around the world, such as Benny, from the Chicago Bulls.

The new Canarinho began to appear on the CBF website without an official announcement and arrived four months after coach Tite took charge of the selection.

One of the two certainly brought luck to the team. Brazil disputed the South American qualifiers, which were worth a place in the 2018 Cup, and, classified in sixth place, the team would be left out of the world cup. But, it was then that the team took off and had four straight victories.

Less than a week after the public appearance of the new canary, Brazil secured its place in the Cup. Coincidence?

the best of memes

The Pistol Canarinho soon became a hit on social media with his serious face that piqued the interest and curiosity of even non-soccer fans. Memes and extra official profiles of the new mascot appeared on Instagram and Twitter, and he quickly gained the nickname “Pistol”.

CBF treats the character with zeal and makes an effort, for example, not to reveal the identity of who is behind the costume, to the sadness of journalists who would love to chat with the figure.

He is an employee of EA, a promotion and marketing company that works with the national team, who approached the players and was treated with great affection by the team.

J got tough from the police

At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the Canarinho Pistola was the main character of the Brazilian team’s arrival in Moscow. But he overdid it a bit and ended up being scolded by the policeman who was guarding the place.

After climbing onto a flowerbed to approach the fence that separated the fans, the Canarinho Pistola was pulled away by the police, and the image went all over the internet. A lot of people thought he was arrested, but it was really just a warning.

Soon after, he was back to liven up the party. Even so, the internet mobilized to ask for the freedom of the mascot, which was already banned from attending Fifa environments during the World Cup in Russia.

Called tapioca in passinho

While he doesn’t show up officially, there are those who say he was caught challenging “that floating tapioca to Guerra de passinho”, which is what Brazilians are calling their mascot La’eeb.

And when the wave of adhesion to Koo, a social network that gained notoriety among Brazilians in recent days, in the face of rumors of the end of Twitter, there were also those who saw a kinship.

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