Five reasons to start playing Marvel Snap today

Five reasons to start playing Marvel Snap today
Five reasons to start playing Marvel Snap today

The main reason to play a game is of course that it is fun. You get fun out of it, the gameplay is great and you notice that you want to play again and again. Marvel Snap is definitely a game that falls into that category. And it’s also a free-to-play (although there are in-game purchases) game for the mobile. Can it get any better? Certainly: there are easily 5 more reasons to start playing Marvel Snap now.

Because your fave Marvel heroes are in it

Marvel is still very hot and that is undoubtedly one of the reasons that this game is so immensely popular. You can find (and collect) all kinds of characters from the beloved comics (and movies of course). You can find Hawkeye, Gamora, Odin, Iron Man, Black Panther and Thanos, among others, although not every character is immediately available. New cards will be released in December, among other things, which will undoubtedly give the game an extra boost.

The designs of the cards are beautiful

In the game itself it’s all a bit small and finicky, but the cards in Marvel Snap look great. They are all pieces of art and the great thing is that different animation styles have been chosen, so you don’t get too ‘used’ to how beautiful they are and are surprised every time you come across a new card. The cards all have upgrades anyway, so you can provide them with a glossy logo or a 3D image. Marvel has succeeded in making something that you really want to collect.

It makes you greedy: in a fun way

Speaking of which, did you collect Panini stickers back in the day? Or maybe Flippos or something else ultra collectible? You probably had scrapbooks, drawers, and maybe even display cases full of those things. The advantage of Marvel Snap is that you don’t need that much space: at most some MBs on your smartphone. What makes this mobile game so cool is that it awakens that child in you: that child who was super greedy and couldn’t wait to expand the collection every time. That’s partly because they look so cool (but also because of what they can do).

It is very accessible

You don’t have to be a die-hard gamer with years of experience to learn Marvel Snap. It’s typically an ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ type of game: you also get a tutorial when you play for the first time, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel completely. It’s a card game, so you will eventually have to dig into what all those cards mean, but the idea is that you have to conquer locations by placing better cards on that spot than the opponent. The advantage is that after the tutorial you play against other people who are also quite new, so you don’t feel thrown into the deep end and you can calmly see how it all works.

It can be done during a toilet visit

No one ever wants to think about it, but many people are on their phones when they visit the toilet. The good thing is that a game of Marvel Snap only takes a few minutes, so you can safely play the well, game, a game. Even if you don’t play on the toilet, but just before bedtime, while you wait for the bus or when you are cooking, you can just do a quick potty. It goes nice and fast: the six turns are over in no time and you know exactly where you stand.

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