Gilberto Gil: Attacks in Qatar are stupid – 11/27/2022 – Ilustrada

Gilberto Gil: Attacks in Qatar are stupid – 11/27/2022 – Ilustrada
Gilberto Gil: Attacks in Qatar are stupid – 11/27/2022 – Ilustrada

Singer Gilberto Gil, 80 years old, thanked him for the support he received after being cursed by Brazilian fans last Thursday as he walked to watch Brazil’s debut in the 2022 World Cup. In addition to him, businesswoman Flora Gil was also the target of attacks.

“Our thanks, mine and Flora, finally for this solidarity in the face of this aggression, this stupid thing”, said the singer in a video on Instagram.

He said that the situation he went through is the third round of non-conformist voters who perpetuate yet another chapter “of this sequence of hate that is what they like to do”.

The aggression suffered by Gil and Flora took place in a hallway as they walked to watch the match between Brazil and Serbia.

“Vamo, Lei Rouanet,” shouted one of the men. He had a glass in his hand, wearing the national team’s shirt and wearing a stylized green and yellow hat as Gil and Flora walked towards the stadium. The couple was accompanied by businesswoman Lilibeth Monteiro de Carvalho.

After hearing the provocation, Gil, Flora and Monteiro de Carvalho stopped for a few seconds and then continued walking. In the video, it is possible to hear voices mentioning the name of President Jair Bolsonaro and speaking profanity towards the singer, who did not react.

Also wearing the national team shirt, another fan approached Gil and took a selfie while the group listened to the insults.

After the episode, public figures took to social media to show solidarity with Gil and Flora. Senator Randolfe Rodrigues, from Rede, from Amapá, who has already received threats on social media, called the fans criminals.

“An 80-year-old artist being a victim of scammers. We are going to denounce and demand punishment from FIFA. It is past time for these people to go to the place they deserve, jail”, he said.

Federal deputy André Janones, from Avante, from Minas Gerais, also shared the video and stated that the new wave of the extreme right is to commit crimes.

“It’s terrorism, threat, insult. The crime was filmed, apparently the bandit is proud of what he did to Gilberto Gil (80 years old), to whom I offer all my solidarity.”

Actress Leandra Leal also condemned the attitude of the fans. “One of the things that makes me most happy about being Brazilian is being from the same country as Gilberto Gil,” she wrote. “Gil is a genius, one of the greatest artists, activists, an enlightened being”.

Caetano Veloso, Gil’s partner and friend, wrote that the artist was insulted by Bolsonarists. “I want to show solidarity with the genius Gil and say that we artists, as well as the true society, hope that criminals are punished”.

Allies of elected president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, from the PT, also took a stand against the hostilities. They shared the video showing the attacks and asked that those responsible be identified and punished.

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