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It is in a large house, on a residential street in the north of São Paulo, that Mari Avilla and Victor Prado will have sex live for a virtual audience. It’s twenty minutes before that happens and they make small talk while smoking a cigarette in the backyard.

With a sculptural body, long red hair, Mari erases the butt and hurries: “I’m just going to do the flat iron”. His scene partner, with tattoos spread across his well-defined muscles, takes the cue to go to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, she reappears even sexier in the house’s living room, where the set up simulates in detail a simple and cozy bedroom: a double bed, posters on the wall, a lamp and a nightstand.

With a very short black dress and shiny sandals in her hand, she asks Victor for help tying her shoes around her ankle. He tries, with difficulty. “I want to see you take this off later,” he jokes. She laughs: “People will like to see you taking it off slowly.”

Indifferent to the sexual tension that begins to float in the air, there are three other people in the room (besides the journalist who is speaking to you), each one preoccupied with more boring tasks. While one prepares the camera lens, another goes over the guidelines. “Start with a chat, hold on for about ten minutes and you can start making out. Let’s think about five minutes for each position, ok?”

Sitting on the bed, the couple look at each other, exchange discreet laughs and intertwine hands in front of a large television, where they see each other. Above the screen, a cell phone is positioned to capture all the action, in an open plan. “You’re freezing,” Victor observes. “Are you nervous?” asks Mari.

“Five minutes, everyone”, warns the producer, counting down, while she replaces the energy drink in a glass and puts on background music. “Victor, the lubricant is here in the drawer, okay?”

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Behind the technological apparatus, a man checks sockets, cables and internet connection so that Sexy Hot subscribers can see the sex in high quality. Since the hardest phase of the pandemic, the erotic content channel has produced striptease, masturbation and explicit sex lives to satisfy its viewers, who participate live in a chat with questions and requests.

That night’s live was one of the most anticipated. Despite not being known porn actors from the channel’s productions, Mari and Victor are sensations among erotic content accounts on Twitter and other platforms. Plus, there was added excitement: the two are, in fact, sweethearts.

There was also a silent expectation behind the scenes. That live almost didn’t happen: the couple broke up and, soon after, canceled their participation. It didn’t take long for them to go back and make the commitment, but the atmosphere of mystery still lingered — after all, were they together again or were they just fulfilling the contract, like good professionals in the field?

Attention: in the air!

“We are going live”, indicates the producer. The couple see themselves reflected on television — beautiful, young and charismatic — and introduce themselves.

Mari is 23 years old, has been working as an escort since she was 18. She entered the area of ​​erotic videos — which she now distributes on Twitter and OnlyFans — during the pandemic, when she stopped providing face-to-face assistance. Victor, 26, is known on the networks as GP (call boy) Vitinho and, until recently, recorded erotic videos just as a hobby.

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As if capturing the doubt behind the scenes, viewers soon ask whether or not they are dating. They show the ring on the hand. They’ve been together for eight months. “The good thing is that the two always liked to show off,” notes Victor, reading other questions on the screen. Someone wants to know if they are jealous. “I’m not going to lie, it does,” he says, offhand. “And no, it’s not an open relationship.”

Five minutes later, the producer lifts a sheet of white paper that reads “Strip / provocation” and the couple sits down closer, clasps each other’s bodies with their hands and gives a lascivious, slow kiss. With her eyes closed, Mari makes her way under his shirt, while the questions continue: “I do it with men too”, Victor replies to the screen. He slides the zipper of the dress, gradually exposing the skin contrasted by black tattoos. “Now I’m going to take off your sandal.”

She lifts her legs showing the lilac lace panties between her thighs, and takes off the boy’s shirt, revealing the stiffened chest and the tattoo of the year of birth marked on the abs (1996).

The hands try to get rid of any trace of clothing, until they find each other’s sex. He struggles to get her bra off — “Can I do it?” he whispers. A few tries and nothing. “That bra she had never worn with me,” he justifies to viewers.

Horny and raincake

Mari and Victor met on Twitter, in the incessant search for recording partners. The first chat was even bureaucratic, but they soon realized that the interest was not purely professional. “He started to bring up the subject out of context. I remember that we talked about the rain cake”, says Mari, outside the live. Victor laughs and confirms: “Incredible as it may seem, whoever works with this doesn’t keep talking directly about sex or exchanging nudes”.

They noticed affinities and arranged to meet. The first date was at a concert by Barões da Pisadinha, in March. The enveloping sound of the fuller was small in the face of the chemistry that hit. “We left the show to have sex in the car”, he reveals. The quickie video, of course, ended up on the platforms.

After resuming, Mari Avilla and Victor Prado have sex live for a virtual audience. - Disclosure/Sexyhot - Disclosure/Sexyhot
Image: Disclosure/Sexyhot

For Victor, the “match” happened because both were fragile with previous relationships. “I was like ‘wow, no one is going to accept me because I work with this’.” With Mari, he says, his career took off. “She also encouraged me to have gay sex, because I knew it would give me a boost, but I was afraid because of family issues, the sexist culture that we have”, he says. With men, he muses, he only does it for work.

It’s time to enjoy

The live already exceeds 20 minutes when the completely naked bodies intertwine in bed. She holds tight to her boyfriend’s cock for a long blowjob, sucking the head, the ball. Victor’s ripped buttocks tighten and glisten in the glare of light. It’s your turn. He pulls her panties aside and slowly introduces his tongue into his partner’s sex. She groans with lust, squeezing her pink breasts, with a little sun mark. Netizens react: “They’re asking you to sit on my face,” he says. She complies, wiggling in her boyfriend’s face.

It’s time for 69, between groans and gagging. The hard-on increases and he tries to reach for the condom. With the sudden movement, he hits the energy glass with his foot, which shatters on the floor. He doesn’t even care and opens the way with his penis, as if he wants to mold it into his partner. He digs his nails into her leg. “Fuck, motherfucker,” she asks. Then she climbs onto it, as if riding the thick turtledove. They talk to each other softly, sharing an intimacy that no one could hear.

The live enters the final minutes: it’s time to enjoy. They ask netizens to decide how the final pump will be. “Stay on all fours, with your legs together”, Victor reads the request and guides. She rears up on all fours on the bed, her big round ass nearly eclipsing the entire scene shown on TV. They look at each other, confidants, without stopping to interfere. She squeezes his neck and he announces: “I’m going to come inside”.

After resuming, Mari Avilla and Victor Prado have sex live for a virtual audience. - Disclosure/Sexyhot - Disclosure/Sexyhot
Image: Disclosure/Sexyhot

For those watching, the apex is coincidentally marked by the whistle of the security guard passing on the street. He slows down, his face twisted with pleasure, and throws her on the bed so Mari can come too. She delights in oral sex, laughs. The loudest moan lets you know she’s arrived there.

Quick pause to catch your breath. They sit on the corner of the bed and go back to looking at the screen. “Phew, I’m not even thinking,” says Vitor, with sweat on his forehead. Mari thanks everyone who accompanied the moment of intimacy.

End of transmission. The producer claps her hands: “You guys sent it too well!”

It still takes a few seconds for them to look at the other people in the room. And they reveal that there is nervousness and horniness. “It’s a live, there’s no way”, says Victor.


It was the couple’s first live sex session and, in a way, it marked a new phase in their relationship — “semi-monogamous”, he explains. They even have threesomes together, but outside of work, the agreement is not to be with anyone else.

“What we care about the most is not even the recording. It’s what each one owes out of respect for the other: not being mimimi, talking. We see sex as buying a pizza. It can even turn horny”, he explains. Mari.

After resuming, Mari Avilla and Victor Prado have sex live for a virtual audience. - Disclosure/Sexyhot - Disclosure/Sexyhot
Image: Disclosure/Sexyhot

This was not the reason that made the couple break up briefly. “We were arguing a lot, both wanted more than the other was giving”, says Mari. “On impulse, we didn’t sit down and talk. When the dust settles, like every couple, we talk to try.” Now they are even doing couples therapy.

The couple’s greatest intimacy, now in a new phase, was one of the most watched lives on Sexy Hot, 259% more audience than the others, according to the channel. “When it’s just us, it’s different”, Mari notes. Victor agrees: preoccupation with angles, camera and people influence the performance, but he doesn’t deny that the sparks are real, and that makes a difference. “It’s all professional, but in the end, it’s us.”

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