KOGA presents new track bike for Paris 2024

KOGA presents new track bike for Paris 2024
KOGA presents new track bike for Paris 2024

KOGA presented the new bicycle for the Dutch track selection on the last day of the NK track cycling in Apeldoorn. The renewed KOGA Kinsei should guide the track cyclists to the medals during the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

The Japanese name ‘Kinsei’ roughly translates as ‘made for gold’ and that is exactly the purpose of the Kinsei. Do not expect a completely renewed bike, rather a facelift of the current model. That frameset, which won several gold medals in Tokyo, has been scrutinized in collaboration with KNWU, Actiflow (an engineering firm that specializes in fluid dynamics) and TU Delft. It showed that there was room for improvement in the area of ​​the front fork and the cockpit.

This resulted in a track bike that is even more aerodynamic, stiffer and faster than its predecessor, says Mark Dorlandt, project manager at KOGA. “With an improved front fork and cockpit, with which we can make significant gains. For example, the total resistance of the rider and the bicycle has improved by 1.2%. This saves 15 watts at 70 kilometers per hour, which in turn results in a head start of 1.5 meters per lap.”

Harry Lavreysen in Tokyo at the KOGA Kinsei – photo: Cor Vos

Of the front fork, the axle to which the front wheel is attached has been changed. Where this axis was simply round on the old bike, it is wing-shaped on the new Kinsei. This creates less turbulence behind this axle, which benefits aerodynamics.

Changes have also been made to the steering wheel, which was partly made possible by new regulations from the UCI. The airfoil of the handlebars (viewed from above) is stretched. This has increased the connection between the handlebar and stem, which improves stiffness and aerodynamics.

The changes still have to be approved by the UCI, but KOGA expects that this will not cause any problems. If everything goes according to plan, the track cyclists can start using the new Kinsei in about six months

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