Who is Pele’s wife? Meet Marcia Aoki

World Cup known as the King of Football, Pelé had numerous romances during his public life, including with Xuxa in the 1980s. In 2016, the former player married businesswoman Márcia Aoki, 57 years old, so find out who the Pele’s third wife.

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Who is Pelé’s current wife: Márcia Aoki

Pelé is married to Márcia Cibele Aoki, 57 years old. The former player and the businesswoman have an age difference of 25 years and kept the relationship very discreet. Aoki was born in Penápolis, in the interior of São Paulo.

At the time of the wedding, in 2016, King Pelé said that he and Márcia met at a party in New York in the 80s, but only got into a relationship in 201o. The relationship only became public in 2012.

According to an interview given to Veja magazine in the December 2012 issue, he and Márcia met at a party in New York in the 1980s. The businesswoman was in the United States studying administration.

Nothing happened between them and they only met again in 2008, when they bumped into the elevator of a building where they lived in São Paulo. At the time, Marcia was married and the former player was in the process of divorce, so there was no romantic involvement between them.

Two years later, both were single and met again – in the same elevator in which they spoke in 2008 – this time, they started going out and started their love story.

The courtship lasted a few years, until in 2016 they went up to the altar at Espaço Atmosphera, in Vila Maia, Guarujá, in a reserved ceremony with about 100 guests.

The relationship is discreet and Pelé’s wife is not an active figure on social media. In August 2022, the former player published a photo with his wife and thanked him: “I am very grateful for my wife, for the laughs, for the peace of my home”.

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Pele’s Weddings

In addition to Pelé’s current wife, Marcia, the former player has already walked down the aisle twice. The king of football’s first marriage was to Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi, between 1966 and 1982. Three children were born to this marriage: Edinho Chobi do Nascimento, 52, who became a football player and later coach; Jennifer Nascimento, 43 years old; Kelly Cristina Nascimento, 55, who is founder and president of the Nascimento Foundation, an institution with programs on sports, arts and storytelling.


The star’s first wedding – photo: reproduction/facebook/@museo de la moda

The star’s second marriage was to Assíria Nascimento, with whom he was between 1994 and 2008. With Assíria, the King of Football had two children, Joshua Nascimento and Celeste Nascimento, who are twins. The 24-year-olds have already lived in the United States, Joshua studied physical education, in addition to having already played for Santos.

skin and assyria

Pelé’s second wife – photo: reproduction/personal archive

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