Blind Wedding Brazil 2 | Who stayed together and when does the reunion come out?

Blind Wedding Brazil 2 | Who stayed together and when does the reunion come out?
Blind Wedding Brazil 2 | Who stayed together and when does the reunion come out?

The last two episodes of Marriage Blind Brazil went live, finally revealing which couples said yes or no at the altar. The second season of the reality show brought new men and women willing to enter into a serious relationship, proving whether love is really blind or not.

blind marriage is a original show that started in the United States, also gaining Brazilian and Japanese versions. In this second season, the participants didn’t get along very well, resulting in different episodes from the previous season, getting into new arguments.

If you’ve watched the season 2 episodes of blind marriage, it’s time to recap who stayed together and who ended the engagement. In addition, Netflix has already announced when the long-awaited reunion episode will premiere.

Blind Wedding Brazil: who got married?

Flavia and Robert

Flávia and Robert got married, because they got along well from the beginning. Even with different personalities, Flávia being quite extroverted and he being the complete opposite, they managed to reach an agreement to continue the engagement and complete the marriage.

Thamara and Alison

That they would both say yes at the altar was to be expected, but the way it went down made everyone nervous. After Alisson agreed to marry the bride, she joked in her speech to imply that she wouldn’t. However, she continued and said that she wanted to be with him despite their differences.

Marriage Blind Brazil: who didn’t stay together?

The participants Maíra and Guilherme did not stay together, nor did they go up to the altar. Maíra realized that Guilherme was no longer willing to continue with the relationship days before the wedding, but was waiting to say no at the altar. However, she couldn’t stand the discomfort and finished earlier.

Vanessa and Tiago

The couple Vanessa and Tiago even looked like it would work out at first, but soon disagreements began. Both tried to settle until the last moment, but the two said no when they walked up the aisle, causing some surprises.

Veronica and William

Veronica and William already showed signs that they would not get married. William looked uncomfortable next to the bride, in addition to being constantly told by his mother that she didn’t want them to get married. Even though he said he wouldn’t let his mother’s opinion influence his decision, he said no to Veronica after she said yes.

When does the reunion episode of Casamento à Cegas Brasil come out?

After the end of the season, blind marriage brings together all the participants for a reunion, and Netflix has already revealed when this will happen: February 1st. In the special episode, we see if the couples are still together and how their lives are after the reality show.

Until the day arrives, you can check out the two seasons of blind marriageas well as listening to the podcast Is Play worth it?of canaltechwith an interview with participant Amanda.

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