Who is the lawyer shot by his own gun in MRI

Who is the lawyer shot by his own gun in MRI
Who is the lawyer shot by his own gun in MRI

Lawyer Leandro Mathias de Novaes, 40, shot by his own gun while accompanying his mother to the MRI procedure, is known for producing pro-gun content on TikTok.

He has more than 7,000 followers from whom he answers questions about weapons. In the first post, made in May last year, Leandro comments on the decision of a minister of the STJ (Superior Court of Justice) who granted a habeas corpus requested by a lawyer.

In an August post, the lawyer released a video showing that he had won a lawsuit in the civil sphere in which the Justice of São Paulo condemned the comedian Léo Lins to compensate the mother of an autistic child to whom he sent offenses for R$44,000. direct message on Instagram.

Leandro and another lawyer defended the child’s mother. Today, according to the report’s query to the system, the process is “on appeal”.

In September, the lawyer started producing content about weapons, CACs (Collector, Sports Shooter and Hunter) and answering questions from his followers. The first video on the theme published resulted in more than 42,600 views on the platform.

In addition, the profile also shared images of the lawyer working in courts, giving interviews to the press and participating in weapons training.

Work and personal life

The CNA (National Register of Lawyers) of the OAB (Brazilian Bar Association) shows that Leandro’s registration is active and he works in the subsection of Cotia, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

According to Leandro’s Instagram profile, he is chairman of the Prerogatives Committee at OAB Cotia. The information is also available on the subsection’s website. This sector is responsible, among others, for assisting members of the Order who suffer threats, including violations in the exercise of their functions.

The lawyer graduated in Law in 2013 and describes himself on LinkedIn as “a specialist in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure”.

Leandro’s profile was closed on Instagram, but he described in his biography that he is the father of a boy, a brown belt in jiu-jitsu and has “love for his family”. He also tags his partner’s profile next to a ring emoji. Both profiles went offline on Wednesday night (18).

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