Krezip announces new album ‘Any Day Now’

Krezip announces new album ‘Any Day Now’
Krezip announces new album ‘Any Day Now’

Krezip kicks off the new year with the announcement of a new album. ‘Any Day Now’ is the band’s sixth studio album and will be released on April 7. The album will be released in four limited edition colored vinyl versions and will include the singles ‘Make it a Memory’ (featuring Danny Vera) and ‘Ready For More’. The new single ‘In The Water’ will also be released this Thursday.

With ‘Any Day Now’ the band delivers their sixth studio album. It is the successor to the successful and gold-winning ‘Sweet High’ from 2019. That album marked the comeback of the band from Tilburg after a break of 10 years. In 2019, Krezip returned after ten years for an exclusive performance at Pinkpop and three sold-out concerts in the Ziggo Dome. Subsequently, the band would do one last round of festivals before completing their comeback and returning to their solo activities. Due to the corona outbreak, the band’s plans, just like for many other artists, were forced and unexpected to come to a halt. All festival performances were canceled and with that the world of Krezip suddenly came to a complete standstill.

“I soon noticed how much I missed the music,” said Jacqueline Govaert. “It felt like someone suddenly turned on the lights at the height of the party.” Despite this, the pandemic also turned out to be a pleasant surprise for the band. There was time for reflection and despite the lack of performances, the need to make new music grew. Jacqueline Govaert says: “It gave room for other feelings and also brought inspiration and new insights. Even though we couldn’t play live, we really needed to sing and create new things together. It made us realize that we were far from done with each other.”

On ‘Any Day Now’ the longing for being together and the start of a new beginning can clearly be heard. The single ‘In The Water’ will be released next Thursday, which can also be found on the album alongside the previous singles ‘Make it a Memory’ and ‘Ready For More’. The song describes how the band gives in to the secret desire to unconditionally dive into a new adventure together again.

About Krezip

Krezip has made an indelible impression in Dutch pop music since their breakthrough in 2000. The band released its first album ‘Nothing Less’ in 2000 and broke through that same year after a performance at Pinkpop, after which the whole of the Netherlands and Belgium became addicted to the super hit ‘I Would Stay’. The track topped the charts in both countries. In the years that followed, the band released several albums and scored big hits with ‘Out Of My Bed’, ‘All My Life’ and ‘Sweet Goodbyes’, among others. In 2009 the band decided to stop and the band members went their separate ways. After the successful comeback shows in 2019 at Pinkpop and three sold-out shows at the Ziggo Dome, the band released the album Sweet High that same year, which went gold within a week.

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