Carolina Dieckmann on her mother’s death: ‘She lives in me’

Recently, Caroline Dieckmannwho returned to soap operas with “go in faith”, from TV Globo, participated in the podcast “Quem Pode, Pod”, presented by Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Lemein which she commented on various subjects to her friends.

At one point, the actress was asked about the loss of her mother, considered quite sudden in 2019, and the artist gave an in-depth view of the fact: “I never woke up without saying thank you, because one day she didn’t wake up. Waking up is to really thank you, it’s a miracle. And when you see it in life, it becomes very clear when you go through something like that.”

“So, it’s true that it’s a miracle, that we’re here now and then we might not be. Something can happen that is not in our hands, that does not show a sign. Out of nowhere person in good health, with all exams up to date, heart exam up to date, everything is fine, sleep and don’t wake up!”, she said.

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“I remember, right after the funeral, that I started to wake up differently, like a feeling that when I wake up, she also wakes up in me. She also lives in me, she lives in things… when I tell my children the things she did, she said, so when I wake up, I’m never waking up alone again”, guaranteed Dieckmann

Fernanda Paes Leme then asked: “Do you feel her presence?”. “I feel her in me! I am her!”, said Carolina Dieckmann, ending this subject within the podcast.


In another moment of this episode of “Quem Pode, Pod”, the actresses commented on their affective life, starting with Carolina Dieckmann being a flirtatious teenager. “Fernanda, you know my biography. It was Vitor Hugo, Marcos Frota”, said Carol. “Vitor Hugo, Marcos Frota and Tiago Worcman”, listed Paes Leme. “Yes, there was Rafael Muller before and there was the nem, it was a nem from the school. It’s talking about counting on your fingers”, confirmed the actress.

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Fernanda then changed the question to how many sexual partners the artist had, and Carolina Dieckmann countered: “There, in one hand”. She also spoke of the “sexual routine” with her husband: “A lot, but not every day. Nor has it ever been. It doesn’t happen every day, people”. “Are you always in the mood to give?” asked Paes Leme. “Sometimes not,” Carol replied.

“And then everything is fine, right?”, asked the presenter. “That’s okay too, right. Sometimes you give without feeling like it and feel like it in between. This happens to me a lot. ‘Oh no, how lazy’ and then ‘who wouldn’t?’” joked Dieckmann. She then concluded by talking about sex toys: “So I don’t have a lot of time to use them. Tiago doesn’t give me that time. I don’t have that time. And I prefer the live, warm, skin-temperature stuff a billion times more.”

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