Gymnasts Tabitta compete for qualification for NK

Gymnasts Tabitta compete for qualification for NK
Gymnasts Tabitta compete for qualification for NK

Tue Jan 24, 4:57 PM


Gymnast Eva Roos, member of Tabitta in Boxtel, won gold in Vianen on Sunday 15 January. There was a qualifying competition for the semi-finals of the Dutch National Championships for juniors and seniors. Tabitta’s middle school level 4 won gold on Saturday 21 January during a regional competition in Valkenswaard.

The qualification process consists of three competitions for the gymnasts. The one in Vianen was the second. Roos had already won gold in the first, so she is at the top of her class.

Juniors Fenna Bergman, Maissam Bezbiz, Esmee Komen and Fenne Scheffer compete in the second division. They appeared in the gymnastics hall on Saturday 14 January. Fenna achieved the highest point on beam and finished eighth after four apparatus. Maissam and Esmee finished ninth, Fenne finished eleventh. In the standings after two qualifying races, Maissam is in fourteenth place, Fenna is fifteenth, Esmee is eighteenth and Fenne is twenty-second. 26 gymnasts are allowed through, so they are in good shape.

Jade Roovers (seniors, third division) missed the first qualifying competition due to injury, but was able to do gymnastics again in Vianen and finished seventh. She is 35th in the standings. To qualify for the semi-finals of the National Championships, she must finish in the top 24 after three games.

Wiese van den Eertwegh was unable to prepare optimally for this match due to an injury. She finished twelfth in the juniors, first division, on January 15. She is still safely in 23rd place, thirty participants in her category are allowed to continue a round.


Tabitta’s intermediate level four turned on Saturday, January 21, the first competition of the season, a regional one. Maud de Bie, Isis van der Heijden, Hailey Kuijten, Eva Prent, Nikkie Schalkx and Julia van de Wal took home a gold medal as a team. Next weekend, January 28 and 29, the qualification matches of the middle school level 2 and youth division 2 will be held in Tilburg.

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