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Brand designed by CNN Brasil since the foundation of the channel, Gabriela Prioli left the broadcaster this week and communicated the decision through a video on Instagram and a note distributed by her communication office.

“I’ll be back to talk to you more about this, but I couldn’t talk here before telling CNN. I communicated my decision to no longer stay on the channel, and I promise I’ll come back to talk more about it.

For now, I want you to know that it was my decision. My path has changed a lot, and I think that when our life changes, we rethink many things, establish new plans, and thank God I am free to make these choices and I know that I can count on you in any projects, but for while I have to take care of Ava, who is already demanding my care”, she said, referring to her first daughter, with Thiago Mansur, who was born two months ago.

In a note, Priolli’s team commented on the matter to the column by means of a note: “We confirm that Gabriela Prioli has decided to end her contract with CNN Brasil. She debuted on the channel in March 2020 and went through the programs ‘O Grande Debate’, ‘ Mundo Post-Pandemia’ and ‘CNN Tonight’. At the station, Gabriela also developed and presented her own talk show, ‘À Prioli’, with three successful seasons – we also inform you that the presenter thanks CNN for all the welcome and learning in these almost three years.”


Although CNN Brasil has cut several of its brands in the reformulation carried out to cut costs and reverse the large loss still accumulated by the channel, Gabi was not part of the house’s list of intentions for dismissals. In the cast of the track baptized as “soft”, which ran away from hard news and did not work very well for the audience and revenues of CNN Brasil, her interview program, à Prioli, was an exception.

The decision really came from her. Gabi would have already left CNN Brasil much earlier, even in the first month of the channel, when she found embarrassment at having to demand respect for her speech space on more than one occasion in the O Grande Debate segment.

Even in the days when CNN Brasil tried to treat with equity the denialism of President Jair Bolsonaro’s allies to the pandemic and scientific data, Gabi was one of the first voices on the channel to take a stand, arguing that “guessing” cannot be equated with scientific evidence “.

The final straw also featured a sequence of interruptions by the mediator, Reinaldo Gottino, who later publicly apologized for his poor performance.

The debate, at the time, with Tomé Abduch, was about Justice authorizing house arrest for former deputy Eduardo Cunha. While Gabriela said that it was not possible to talk about “guesses”, Gottino interrupted her to disagree: he said that, by basing her comments on technical data, she would be giving a “personal opinion”, which Gabriela tried to refute, again being interrupted by Gottino .

“On more than one occasion I had to take a stand demanding respect for my speaking space. You have to be more forceful,” she said at the time. “My commitment is to a rational, prospective, informative and respectful debate. I cannot achieve my objective if I am embarrassed and I cannot continue participating in the debate without the conviction about the seriousness of the embarrassment not only being mine, but that of all involved, in front of and behind the camera.

I cannot legitimize guesswork being equated with scientific knowledge nor contribute to intensify polarization.”

The management of CNN Brasil at the time tried to put out the fire and promoted it to other sections, since it had great appeal with the audience and had a good performance on social networks. But it was Prioli who first drew attention to the channel’s mistake in trying to treat opinion as fact or science, and even to the risk of spreading opinions based on false information.

Cristina Padiglione is a journalist and writes about television. She has been covering the area since 1991, when pay TV was still in its infancy. She went through the newsrooms of the newspapers Folha da Tarde (1992-1995), Jornal da Tarde (1995-1997), Folha (1997-1999) and O Estado de S. Paulo (2000-2016). She also signs the Telepadi blog (

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