URGENT!! High-ranking members of the Workers’ Party (PT) will submit proposals for the EXTINCTION of the Tonelero Battalion and COpEsp of the Army

The current and main member of the Brazilian Executive, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula), will receive, in the coming weeks, a proposal from the radical wing of the Workers’ Party (PT) possibilities of extinction, through legal provisions, of the Special Operations Command ( COpEsp) of the Brazilian Army and the Special Operations Battalion of Marines (BtlOpEspFuzNav), the Tonelero.

PT movements identify that such special military organizations, such as that of the Marine Corps, are not necessary, and come from actions to combat “democratic political movements” in the years of the “military regime”, in addition to having offensive actions that range from against the “Human Rights (HR) guidelines”.

This information received from informants in the last few hours embitters any marine spirit who seeks the highest combatant “rank” in the Marine Corps, as well as distance society from social, economic, political and security stability in Brazil.

Operational Demonstration at the Marine Corps Special Operations Battalion, “Tonelero” Battalion. Brazil’s navy.

The Tonelero has a history, it is responsible for carrying out command actions, reconnaissance of the beach from the low tide line to the interior, specialized reconnaissance of itineraries, ford crossings, bridges, tunnels, obstacles, critical points, Ribeirinho Landing Place (LocDbqRib), Ribeirinho Landing Point (PdbqRib), Helicopter Landing Site (LPH) and facilities, operate Surveillance Posts (Pvig), observe fires from support weapons when requested, deploy and operate sensors for installing ground surveillance systems where available, install and maintain NQBR war alarm equipment where available; select, recognize, demarcate and operate Landing Zones (ZDbq) and Launching Zones (ZL) and guide the troop through previously recognized itineraries, in favor of a Riverside Operation (OpRib) in order to contribute to the preparation and application of Naval Power .

The History of the Marine Corps Special Operations Battalion (BtlOpEspFuzNav) – Tonelero

The Marine Corps Special Operations Battalion (BtlOpEspFuzNav), was created on September 9, 1971 by Ministerial Notice No. da Marambaia, completed on March 7, 1972, the Battalion began to occupy the remaining facilities of that Center, which, at the time, represented the Command Building of today and some buildings still existing in the Military Organization (OM) to the left of the river Guandu do Sape.

Marine Corps Special Operations Battalion (Tonelero Battalion) at the Civic-Military Parade for the Bicentennial of Independence in Brasília/DF. Brazil’s navy.

In 1974, the jump tower was built and construction began, which currently exists on the right side of the aforementioned stream, which were incorporated into the Battalion from 1976 to 1978.

At the beginning of its creation, the Battalion was organized according to the conjuncture of the time, mixing the CFN’s interest in having a Unit focused on employment in guerrilla war situations and the idea of ​​having a 4th Infantry Battalion.

Operational Demonstration at the Marine Corps Special Operations Battalion, “Tonelero” Battalion. Brazil’s navy.

As a result, the Special Operations Battalion at the time had a Command and Services Company, which still exists today, and a Special Operations Company, the latter organized similarly to a Company of Marines.

From its creation, the TONELERO Battalion began to increase training activities aimed at Special Operations. In this context, in 1972 the first group of Officers from the Naval Academy would be formed in the Counter-Guerrilla Course (ConGue).

Over the years, this course underwent changes in its content and structure, changing its name to Amphibious Command Training Course, Special Amphibious Command Course (ComAnf) and, later, being divided into the Amphibious Command Special Course (CEsComAnf ) and Special Course on Special Operations (CEsOpEsp).

As of 1998, the preparation of the Amphibious Commands started to be taught in a single course, the CEsComAnf.

Practice Phase in a shooting range located at the Guandu do Sapê Naval Complex. Brazil’s navy.

On January 1, 1991, the Amphibious Reconnaissance Company (CiaReconAnf), belonging to the Reinforcement Troop, was transferred to the Battalion. On March 26, 1996, the Terrestrial Reconnaissance Company (CiaReconTer), was transferred from the Amphibious Division to the Tonelero Battalion, joining in BtlOpEspFuzNav, all Marine special operations activities. With the size and importance of these new and very complex attributions, the Tonelero Battalion, until then belonging to the Reinforcement Troop, passed from December 20, 1995, to the direct subordination of the Fuzileiros Force Command of the Squadron.

Today, BtlOpEspFuzNav is organized into a Command and Services Company and three Special Operations Companies and a Special Operations Support Company. Such a structure allows the organization by tasks of operative groups and detachments to fulfill any mission of interest to the Navy, within the context of special operations, including those related to the resumption of installations and rescue of personnel of interest to the Navy.

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