Payouts start today; see new values

Payouts start today; see new values
Payouts start today; see new values

Payments of Social Security benefits with adjustment begin to be made from this Wednesday (25). The new floor is BRL 1,302 and will be 7.4% above the minimum wage paid in 2022 (BRL 1,212).

payment schedule

For those earning a minimum wage, deposits will be made between today and February 7. Those insured with monthly income above the national minimum will have their payments made from February 1st.

For those who earn minimum wage:

  • End of NIS 1: January 25th
  • End of NIS 2: January 26th
  • End of NIS 3: January 27th
  • End of NIS 4: January 30th
  • End of NIS 5: January 31st
  • End of NIS 6: February 1st
  • End of NIS 7: February 2nd
  • End of NIS 8: February 3rd
  • End of NIS 9: February 6
  • End of NIS 0: February 7

For those earning above the minimum:

  • End of NIS 1 and 6: February 1
  • End of NIS 2 and 7: February 2
  • End of NIS 3 and 8: February 3
  • End of NIS 4 and 9: February 6
  • End of NIS 5 and 0: February 7

View the full calendar:

INSS 2023 payment schedule

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On January 25th, the city of São Paulo celebrates its birthday, a municipal holiday. The INSS says that it normally transfers payments to banks on the 25th, and that if they are not open on the calendar date, payment will be made on Thursday (26).

Which are the readjustments?

  • Retirement for those who receive a minimum wage increased from R$ 1,212 to R$ 1,302, which represents a readjustment of 7.4%.
  • Pensions with an amount above the minimum floor will be readjusted based on the INPC, which was 5.93% in 2022. The new ceiling will be R$ 7,507.49.
  • The 5.93% readjustment is only valid for those who receive more than the minimum wage and were receiving payments in January 2022. The percentage will be lower for those who started receiving the benefit over the past year.

minimum readjustment

  • While benefits above the minimum are readjusted based on the INPC, the new minimum wage is defined by the president and his economic team.
  • The Lula government is still discussing raising the minimum to R$1,320 in 2023, but there is no definition on the subject.
  • The Minister of Labor, Luiz Marinho, said that the minimum amount will remain at R$1,302 at least until May.
  • By law, pensions, sick pay and other benefits paid by the INSS cannot be less than the minimum wage.

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