Box Has FALLEN? Brazilians are having difficulties with the app, see what to do

Box Has FALLEN? Brazilians are having difficulties with the app, see what to do
Box Has FALLEN? Brazilians are having difficulties with the app, see what to do

Has box dropped? Over the past week, several app users have reported errors when accessing the platform and trying to check out the benefits. The instability made many people worried, since the social program deposits, in January 2023, are about to happen! So, does this error persist? And, even more important: how to solve it? We explain below everything you need to know; check out!

Nowadays, Caixa Tem is used to deposit some of the main income transfer programs of the Federal Government, such as Bolsa Família (formerly Auxilio Brasil), gas vouchers (which are deposited every two months) and the Social Integration Program (PIS). With this in mind, check below why Caixa Tem has been showing errors and how to solve the main problems!

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Bolsa Familia of R$ 600 is deposited in Caixa Tem?

Yes! In 2023, Bolsa Família continues to be deposited in the Caixa Tem application. The creation of the application was seen as a hit by the previous administration, and therefore, representatives of the Lula government confirmed the permanence of social programs on the platform.

Caixa Tem, it is worth remembering, was created in 2020 to direct Emergency Aid payments (paid during the Covid-19 pandemic) to all beneficiaries, including those who did not yet have accounts at traditional banking institutions.

Eventually, Caixa Tem became Caixa Econômica Federal’s Virtual Savings Bank, offering various functionalities to users. Nowadays, the Caixa Tem application already has millions of account holders spread across the country.

In the finance app, Brazilians can carry out the main operations of traditional banking apps. See below:

  • Pix key registration;
  • Transfer and receipt of amounts;
  • Payment of purchases and bills;
  • Payments with QR Code;
  • Making online purchases with the virtual debit card;
  • Credit lines;
  • Investment Tips;
  • Monthly withdrawals;
  • And much more.

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Has box dropped? Users report error in Caixa Tem!

Last Monday (23), many Caixa Tem users had difficulties accessing the application. And that’s not all: several account holders were unable to access the platform even after entering the correct information.

Upon entering the application, users are faced with the following message: “Account not located, we did not identify Pupança Social Digital opened for you”.

The message left many people worried. On social networks, several users of the app already post about a potential suspension or cancellation of benefit.

Such as Caixa Econômica Federal is currently carrying out a fine-tooth comb on Bolsa Família registrations (with the aim of identifying irregular payments and zeroing out the benefit queue), the fact that Caixa Tem “dropped” further increased the apprehension of beneficiaries.

Box Tem is really down?

According to the Down Detector platform, which specializes precisely in showing when popular apps go down, many Caixa Tem users reported login issues with the app earlier this week.

Access issues have been identified both on cell phones that use the Android operating system and on Apple deviceswhich work with iOS.

On social media, as mentioned above, many users of Caixa Tem also complain about problems with the app.

The representatives of Caixa Econômica Federal themselves stated that, on the afternoon of last Monday (January 23), the application actually presented momentary instability. In an official note, Caixa also said that the problem has already been normalized.

In addition, it is worth remembering that all other Caixa Econômica Federal service channels, whether physical or electronic, continue to function normally.

Box Got Crashed – How To Solve The Problem?

As you can already see, the instability at Caixa Tem was a one-off problem. Occurred on January 23, the issue has already been resolved by the application’s technical team.

If you still cannot access the application, there are two alternatives to solve the problem. Check it out below:

  • Hold: Most of the time, Caixa Tem instability happens when many users try to access the application at the same time. When the platform fails to form a virtual queue, the app usually goes offline. Therefore, the best alternative to solve the problem is simply to do nothing. Just wait, as all issues are resolved by the app’s technical team. It is also worth trying to access Caixa Tem during the night, as simultaneous access to the app is much lower during this period;
  • Clear app cache: If you were unable to access Caixa Tem even after solving the specific problem, clear the application’s cache and try to access the platform again. To do this, just enter the settings area of ​​your cell phone, access the applications segment, find Caixa Tem and click on “clear cache”;
  • Uninstall and install the app again: Finally, the last alternative for those who cannot access Caixa Tem is to delete the app and install it again. In this case, it is also necessary to update your user registration.

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How to download and install the Caixa Tem app?

As you already know, uninstalling and installing the Caixa Tem application represents one of the solutions for those who cannot access the platform normally.

So, check below complete step-by-step to uninstall and install the Caixa Tem application on your cell phone; check out!

  • Uninstall the Caixa Tem app (by clicking on the app and entering its page in the settings);
  • Access your cell phone’s app store (Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS);
  • Search for “Caixa Tem”;
  • Click “install” (or download);
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Log in to Caixa Tem with your CPF and password;
  • In the initial menu of the platform, click on the option “update your registration”;
  • Read very carefully all the guidelines on the platform;
  • Click on “Got it, let’s get started”;
  • Check that the registered address is up to date and correct;
  • If everything is correct, click on “Yes, it is correct”;
  • If necessary, update the address with the new information;
  • After the update, click on “Yes, it is correct”;
  • On the next page, enter your place of birth;
  • Answer all the questions that appear on the screen;
  • Choose the “next” option;
  • Check that all data provided is correct and up-to-date;
  • Click the “continue” option;
  • Follow Caixa Tem instructions for sending personal documents;
  • Ready! At that moment, your registration will be reactivated, and you will be able to access the app normally.

If, even so, you cannot access the application, you will need to contact Caixa, either through the official website ( or at official service agencies.

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