Cristina Ferreira publishes super sexy video: “Today there is a party”

Cristina Ferreira publishes super sexy video: “Today there is a party”
Cristina Ferreira publishes super sexy video: “Today there is a party”

Three hours ago, TVI’s Fiction director filmed herself dressed to rock. And that’s how, super sexy, Cristina Ferreira goes to a friend’s party. See the video!

Powerful, Cristina Ferreira she shows off her elegant silhouette in a little black outfit that leaves little room for the imagination.

Even so, the video he shared already has more than 170,000 views and close to 10,000 comments. This in just three hours. Therefore, the numbers will grow. By the way, the compliments to the elegance of Cristina Ferreira they don’t stop.

They praise the look, which is killer with the high boots, and take the opportunity to write that the, also a businesswoman, is “a queen”.

To caption the video, Cristina writes: “Today there is a party. From @catarina_freemindtravel”.

Of course the first comment is from the producer, and friend, Rúben Correiawhich is directed to Christinalike this: “Is it to go in discreet?”

But other celebrities praise the beauty of the channel’s director Queluz de Baixolike the chef José Avillez: “Which turns”.

Super sexy earns raves from Paris, Switzerland…

Because of course she’s cute and confident, despite the ratings for her reality show,”The Triangle, are sinking. But Cristina Ferreira don’t let these numbers get you down, because life is more than that.

And the truth is that the attitude of the TVI director conquers her fans at all times. There are even those who call her husband to appreciate Cristina’s beauty, like this follower: “Good night dear queen, I showed my husband the stroy because he knows how much I love you. Me saying look at Cristina I go out at night! And he… She is all sexyiiiiii This is just to tell you that yes, our husbands can also be sincere and say that a woman can be sexy without ulterior motives Kisses from Paris and good Friday night”.

This fan is in Paris, but christina ferreira receives compliments from fans who are in Switzerland, in Brazil… this woman is ‘fire’ as some internet users say.

It may not be, fire, but it’s super sexy!

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