Teddy bear Lizzy is looking for a new home

Teddy bear Lizzy is looking for a new home
Teddy bear Lizzy is looking for a new home

REGION – A lady of insecure nature, Lizzy is selective when it comes to choosing her favorite people. But don’t be discouraged, because once you gain her trust, you will discover that she is a real cuddly bear.

Lizzy loves to sit on your lap and is generous with her kisses, a sign that you’ve joined her inner circle. It’s a heartwarming sight when she eagerly approaches you to greet you and show her affection.

Although Lizzy can be pushy at times, she only demands attention from the people she loves. Therefore, she is not suitable for a household with children and needs a quiet environment to feel comfortable. Being alone can be challenging for her, so it’s important to build this up gradually.

Lizzy is familiar with living with other dogs, but she didn’t come into her own. That’s why she deserves a place of her own where she can shine and show her unique personality.

Dierentehuis Arnhem and surroundings, located on the Larensteinselaan in Velp, is a welcome temporary home for many pets. These pets all deserve a new home, give these animals a second chance!

The origin of the animals varies, but in general they have just had a lot of bad luck. Every week the Dierentehuis proclaims one of the animals ‘PET of the WEEK’. This week that dog is Lizzy

Animal number: 32500

For more information, visit: https://dierentehuisarnhem.nl/dieren/Lizzy/

Are you interested? Will you give Lizzy a second chance?

Please contact Dierentehuis Arnhem & surroundings. This can be done by calling 026 – 36 19 861, or sending an email to [email protected]. You can of course also visit us during opening hours on Monday to Saturday from 13:00 to 16:30.

If you would like more information about Dierentehuis Arnhem & surroundings, or if you would like to support them, please visit: http://www.dierentehuisarnhem.nl.


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