Airbus comments on history of commercial aircraft accidents

Airbus comments on history of commercial aircraft accidents
Airbus comments on history of commercial aircraft accidents
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The safety of aircraft and people must be the number one priority for large aircraft manufacturers. Compiling and analyzing data from incidents and accidents that have occurred helps to contribute to improving product safety, identifying trends or emerging threats that can be acted upon to prevent accidents from occurring.

In this sense, Airbus published the Statistical Analysis of Commercial Aviation Accidents on western-built jets with more than 40 seats. The analysis shows that there were around 27 million flight departures in 2022, an increase of almost 5 million compared to 2021. Still, about 20% below the number of flights registered before the pandemic.

The analysis points out that 2022 was a year that recorded six accidents with loss of commercial jet hull without fatalities and two fatal accidents due to vehicles entering the runway. There was also a fatal accident in which all passengers and crew lost their lives which has not yet been classified and therefore is not yet recorded in this year’s analysis.

As the number of accidents and flights will vary each year, accident rates are more relevant than reviewing the number of accidents per year when analyzing trends.”, says the document.

In this context, statistics show that the number of accidents today is significantly lower than a comparable year in the previous decade, and the rate of fatal accidents and hull losses is steadily decreasing over time.

The analysis shows howaccident rates were further reduced with the introduction of new technologies that helped reduce accident rates for each generation of aircraft”. The highest percentage of flights in recent years were made with state-of-the-art fly-by-wire commercial jets 4, which have the lowest accident rate.

In 2022, generation 4 commercial jets performed 56% of flights and the accident rate for generation 3 and 4 aircraft remained historically low.” Comparing accident rates by aircraft generation illustrates the value of investments made in technology to improve safety, ensuring that flying a commercial jet is a low-risk activity.

For more information about commercial aviation accidents and what statistics tell us about our ongoing efforts to improve safety, visit the accident statistics website.

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