Zwalpend Club sees ship stranded again in Guldenspoorstadion

Zwalpend Club sees ship stranded again in Guldenspoorstadion
Zwalpend Club sees ship stranded again in Guldenspoorstadion

Anyone who thought that Rik De Mil is the miracle doctor for this Club Brugge can put that hope away for the time being. A changeable national champion again gave a lousy impression today and lost to a strong KV Kortrijk. The Guys are doing a golden thing in the relegation battle.

The West Flemish derby between KV Kortrijk and Club Brugge this afternoon was one with major interests. The national champion had to win to keep his place in the top-4 with certainty, the relegation stress was not over with the Guys and they could also use the points. Storck kicked off Kadri, Selemani was missing due to an injury. Rik De Mil again chose the young Spileers, Odoi replaced Mata again.

Eagerly started Club takes a beating

Blauw-Zwart opened strongly in the Golden Spurs stadium and Buchanan and Rits had excellent chances in the first five minutes, the home team held their own for the time being. On the other side, Avenatti also made a first timid attempt to which Mignolet had a witty answer. The Guys had meanwhile restored their balance and regularly put their noses to the window themselves. An industrious Avenatti scored twice halfway through the first period, but his attempts lacked some ‘venom’ for the time being.

Club again showed two faces and fell completely silent. It was KV Kortrijk that struck hard on the half hour mark: Kadri’s first attempt was blocked, but the rebound curled Selemani’s substitute into the far corner, KVK had a 1-0 lead. Suddenly Blauw-Zwart was wide awake again, Buchanan was isolated by Lang for goalkeeper Vandenberghe, but missed the chance for a quick equalizer. The national champion couldn’t repair the damage before the break (Vanaken missed an imposed chance) and again seemed to be heading for a painful afternoon.

Kadri once again shows his talent and gives the Guys the lead halfway.

Club gives a listless impression for a long time

The visitors went looking for a quick equalizer after the break, but often lacked sharpness in the zone of truth. After five minutes of play, Jutgla tapped the ball wide at the near post. Afterwards it was a long time looking with a magnifying glass for opportunities in the Guldenspoorstadion: the national champion created nothing and the home team held on with ease.

Twenty minutes from the end, the national champion suddenly came close to equalizing twice: first Yaremchuk missed a huge opportunity from close range and moments later Rits shot over from a promising position. There was no real sloppy offensive afterwards, the best chances were even for the Guys via Kadri, among others. The Storck team is finally doing a great job at the bottom, Club Brugge remains sick in the same bed and has to watch out what the competition is doing.

Scoring progression:

1-0 (31′) Kadri

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