Any questions about the election results?

Any questions about the election results?
Any questions about the election results?

The total alienation and paternalistic arrogance cannot be better represented than by this people.

Now, not everyone is like that in the city. We’re talking about white, affluent, progressive left and living in a bubble. These people find everything in the “province” far away. It is believed that the area left behind is there. You also have this on a micro level within the city. These types of city dwellers only visit a very small area of ​​their city: their own white neighbourhood, the hip center and a few other areas that meet the needs of white and hip. They emphatically do not come to the neighborhoods with lower incomes and often much more diverse in terms of cultures. They find that scary.

In the countryside (in the Netherlands this is urbanized countryside, just for the record) you have much more mutual involvement than in the city. The smaller towns and villages have the richer and poorer neighborhoods closer together. There are fewer clubs and so people from all backgrounds meet there. The consultant’s son lives in a detached house, the bus driver’s daughter in an apartment or small terraced house. They belong to the same football club together. There is some difference between schools, but not like in cities. The schools in villages and small towns are also much more diverse in terms of composition than those of the cities where the prosperous left-wing offspring are crammed together through their parents’ apartheid clubs.
Neighbors in villages know each other better than streetmates in cities.

Leftists don’t want to know, but institutional racism is right in this group. Everything is paternalistic. People who think differently are always wrong and you notice that, for example, in the embarrassing insults from the left. The left knows what is “good for the world”. A world that is geographically much smaller in the cities than in the countryside. The world that is visited through CO2 around spraying flying holidays is experienced as taking in a different culture, but it is never more than sitting in a hotel or resort with other white Westerners and taking pictures of those exotic Asians and Africans in groups. They then show it proudly to the, envy-hiding, neighbors at the neighborhood barbecue, where they come up with an exotic Indian or Tanzanian dish where the meat has of course been replaced by vegauk, because yes “those people there don’t understand that yet”. And go on and on about that “beautiful culture, from which we can learn a lot”.
Spitting on their own traditions that are mainly carried by those stupid farmers in the province.

The paternalistic thinking of the progressive left is almost no different from that of the 19th century well-to-do bourgeoisie and nobility who thought voting rights were only important for men from a good family, and who thought colonialism was normal because other people are stupid children.

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