Drivers are surprised by price increases at the gas pump, see reasons

Drivers are surprised by price increases at the gas pump, see reasons
Drivers are surprised by price increases at the gas pump, see reasons

One of the biggest questions nowadays is about the price increase at the gas pump. In addition, it is common to have doubts about the consecutive increase since the beginning of the year. So, for better explanations, we will bring information about this subject.

Therefore, we recommend that you read the entire text, so that you stay on top of all the updates of your country’s economy.

Where does gasoline in Brazil come from?

Brazil works both with export and import of gasoline pumps. Currently, the fuel arriving in Brazil comes from the United States with approximately U$S 1.4 billion, followed by the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

According to information obtained, almost 70% of Brazilian gasoline in the import sector comes from the United States. Therefore, this only strengthens the thought that the country has significantly increased its oil-derived production.

While, in terms of exports, the states that most export are: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná in that order, specifically. Therefore, below you will see an average of the prices of some fuels. In addition, you will understand about the price increase at the gas pump.

How are the average prices at the gas pump?

It is very common to find divergences in the prices of gasoline in different regions of Brazil.

Currently, due to the price increase at the gas pump, the national average price, according to Petrobras, is approximately 6 reais, which shocked many people. Bearing in mind that gasoline, in 2022, did not exceed the value of 5.26 reais.

In addition, some other fuels also suffered variation, as is the case of CNG. Whose cubic meter has an average price of 4.68 reais. But do you know why this increase is being caused? Understand below.

Understand the origin of the increase in the gas pump

Several prices of products and services in Brazil are influenced by taxes. So it’s no different with the gas pump. For this reason, there can be both highs and lows in their values.

It turns out that, since February, there was already a forecast of a price increase, not only at the gas pump, but also in fuels in general, with the exception of diesel.

This increase is due to a deadline that has ended, related to the exemption from PIS and Cofins. In addition to taxation and taxes that can increase the price of the gas station, another factor that moves the price of fuel is also the dollar exchange rate.

Drivers are surprised by price increases at the gas pump, see reasons. Photo: Canva Pro

Furthermore, even with these increases, it is possible to find differences between the types of gasoline, which are the common and additive types. So, if you don’t know the difference between them, follow the topic below.

Difference between regular and additive gasoline

The 2 gasolines have the same octane rating, which is defined by the ANP. Therefore, what differs them are the additives included in the fuel. In this way, they become agents capable of not accumulating so much dirt in their engines.

Understand well, the added gasoline itself does not have the power to increase engine power. But, over time and with the accumulation of dirt, the engine may end up clogging in the long term.

Therefore, at this point, added gasoline is the best option. After all, she will work doing this cleaning at the same time as she moves her car. This way, your engine will be kept clean for longer.

In addition, the values ​​in relation to regular gasoline and with additives undergo some variations. For example, it is possible to find regular gasoline at 5.08 reais. Meanwhile, gasoline with additives per liter is at the current value of 5.26 reais.

With that little difference, but with the possibility of extending your engine’s useful life, you just have to select the one that best fits your cost-benefit ratio.

Through all the information that was said above, in addition to better understanding the reason for the increase in the price of the gas pump, it was possible to understand the import and export of Brazilian fuel. Also, understand the difference between regular and additive gasoline.

Understanding these situations, expanding your knowledge, make the best choice for you. That way, always be on top of all updates, as prices are always in intense variation.

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