Without Bonner and Renata, Jornal Nacional confirms urgent news

William Bonner and Renata Vasconcellos were replaced at Jornal Nacional

Jornal Nacional is considered by many to be the main news program in Brazil. Commanded by William Bonner and Renata Vasconcellos, the TV news Globe is seen by millions of viewers. However, on weekends, the titular anchors end up getting time off work.

This Saturday, March 18th, was no different. After a tiring week of hard work, William Bonner and Ana Paula Araújo, who has replaced Renata Vasconcellos, received time off and were replaced by Roberto Kovalick and Mariana Gross.

Right off the bat, Mariana Gross started talking about a revolting news item that generates indignation: “The Federal Police arrest two suspects of enticing women and teenagers into prostitution in Yanomani land”. “Victims were lured with false promises of work”, completed Roberto Kovalick.

“In Rio Grande do Norte attacks decrease on the fifth night of violence in the streets”, shot Roberto Kovalick. “Protesters against the changes in retirement are again protesting in France”, said Mariana Gross. Another piece of good news ended up being featured in Jornal Nacional.

“A vaccine developed in Brazil increases protection against one of the major causes of cervical cancer,” said Roberto Kovalick. “A month after the storms on the north coast of São Paulo, hope is reborn with the children”, said Mariana Gross, who brought even more important highlights to Globo’s screen.

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Roberto Kovalick and Mariana Gross in Jornal Nacional (Photo: Reproduction)
Roberto Kovalick and Mariana Gross in Jornal Nacional (Photo: Reproduction)


William Bonner, according to the portal, receives an impressive amount of BRL 900,000 per month, to be at the head of the most prestigious newspaper in the country, and his colleague on the bench, Renata Vasconcellos, receives just under half of that amount, approximately BRL $400,000, forming one of the best-paid teams of anchors in Brazil.

William Bonner and Renata Vasconcellos in Jornal Nacional (Photo: Reproduction)

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