Many Dutch people reflect on the death of ‘legend’ Wim de Bie (89)

Many Dutch people reflect on the death of ‘legend’ Wim de Bie (89)
Many Dutch people reflect on the death of ‘legend’ Wim de Bie (89)

Writer and actor Wim de Bie has passed away at the age of 83. The comedian from The Hague was known for the legendary Van Kooten and De Bie, the duo who presented terms such as ‘doom thinking’, ‘rule cousin’ and ‘stepped on their cock’ to the Dutch public.

De Bie had been struggling with serious health problems for years, according to the VPRO report. “He was a satirist and his observations were sharp, witty and ironic, but never cynical or crass. Foresighted,” the broadcaster describes him. “What Wim de Bie has meant for our broadcaster, as part of the duo Van Kooten and De Bie and as an independent program maker, cannot be underestimated,” said VPRO, the broadcaster for which De Bie worked for years.

Wim de Bie and Kees van Kooten

De Bie formed an inseparable duo with Kees van Kooten. They started their first collaboration in 1963, which resulted in the unmistakable programs of Van Kooten and De Bie. Under which Burdock males, Het Gat van Nederland, Simplisties Verbond and Van Kooten and De Bie and Keek op de Week.

De Bie, with his television right hand, was known for the characters they played. For example, Mr Foppe, trade union leader Aad van der Naad or hermit Walter are known to many Kooten and De Bie viewers. The duo received the Silver Nipkow Disc twice and an Honorary Nipkow Disc for their work.

Many reactions to De Bie’s death

After 35 years of Kooten and de Bie, the two thought it was enough in 1998. In addition to his television oeuvre, De Bie made as a singer, including with Go aheadmusician Henny Vrienten, music. In addition, De Bie wrote extensively. For his VPRO blog chives log or for his many books.

Many Dutch people today take a moment to reflect on the death of the television phenomenon and take a look back at their childhood and television memories. De Bie was an acclaimed and valued program maker, as evidenced by the favorable reactions.

The VPRO will broadcast a tribute tonight, on NPO 1, after the late NOS Journaal and on NPO 2 after Nieuwsuur.

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